Tuesday, December 20, 2011

365 days of 2011

As you have probably noticed I've been MIA for a few days. I sit and wonder at times how this can even be possible, with no warning or anything, Im just GONE.  It's frustrating to me because I've had blogger friends do the same thing to me and I wonder, WTF happened to that one?  Oh wells, here I am now and it's CATCH UP TIMES.  You know those are your favorite.  I did manage to blog in my free time today at work. But shhh you didn't hear that from me, so lets see, where do I begin....

Day 343
Saturday, December 17th, 2011
Sooo, aparently this was one of the only photos I managed to snap this day.  But isn't Pokey adorable?! 
So we had a few things on the agenda today, was posta attend a party in the land of far far away but due to lack of time and Mr. Monkey Butts work schedule, we were unable to make that one.  Very sad.  We did manage to get out and have some girl time, we did some shopping. Found adorable gifts for the Birfdays girls, yes I say girls, there were 2 parties on the agenda, but will tell you about the 2nd one tomorrow!
So we did the shopping and I saw these sweaters, you all remember me blogging about wanting holiday sweaters and I found these.  Pretty cute, but considering my wallet and the lack of funds in it, I didn't buy the sweater. I want it though.  You know it will make for awesome holiday photos and it would be my first humiliating holiday sweater.  LMAO!
Got a few more gifts for the family members and ran home for lunch, walked Max and just spent the day with Pokey.
Mr. Monkey Butts Christmas party on the agenda for the night, should be interesting to say the least and we found a sitter for Pokey, thankfully. We've been talking about a night out for a week or so, maybe this will do that some good.
To sum it up, it was OK.  We won the trivia thing, well our team did. Got gift cards and I had the longest socks on so I won this "funny family photos" calender for 2012.  Will show a picture tomorrow, like really tomorrow.  I'd say it was a nice night out and plenty on the agenda for Sunday, but you will see that in just a few. 
Moving on....

Day 344
Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Happy Sunday Dingleberries and yes I know I'm interchanging the Christmas colors, don't be hating. I'm just a jolly  ole Monkey Butt, or something like that, shut up!
So awesome night at the Christmas party and today we are off to take the doggie carrier back to the lovely lady who has blessed us with Max who as you may have read already may be a nice lil blessing to our little family.  Which is bigger now. YAYs!
Picked up Pokey from Nana's house, she had a good time at church with Nana, Popa and her cousin. They, though the skirts were way short for my bloood, looked cute and said they had  a lot of fun. She is back and forth with whether she will show her face at church again! 
We shall see...
Girlie birfday party to wrap up the afternoon and that was a lot of fun, lawdy that girl has a very very very very large family, but it's always an AWESOME time! 
Wrapping up the day with meeting Grandma and Grandpa at the mall, only for a moment and went inside to grab Nana's Christmas present, which I hope she likes ::fingers crossed:: Also found a good deal on a new jacket for Pokey at JCPenney.  Very cute find, that's for sure.   I'm just glad she's back in a jacket and a new one at that. No more last years jacket, well, not until next year! 
It's Sunday again, that sucks!  The weekend, though it did drag out a little with everything going on, the weekends just aren't ever long enough.  Are they?

Day 345
Monday, December 19th, 2011

Monday already?  That's no fair at all.  Makes me sad.  It went as well as any other Monday.  Slow one though, very slow.  It's the week of a holiday though, we tend to slow down around holidays.  Just doesn't make sense to me.
Hit up the Walmart and picked up a few gifts that I've been expecting for Pokey.  Her dolly came and I was so excited about that. It's something she wanted so badly and we have not been able to find one.  The whole reason I started shopping online for her gifts.  It's all coming together, for that I am glad.  Check out my Merry Ho Ho's post for more. 
Max took a pee on the comforter tonight... UGH!

Day 346
Tuesday, December 20th 2011

Look at me, I'm caught up. YESSSSS!!!!  excuse me while I ::happy dance:: around the living room!
I'm sorry for my slack ass these past few days readers. I'm blaming the massive headache I had yesterday, last night and this morning.  The Aleve is my new best friend because it lasts longer, no anxiety attacks when I take it either.  So it works out!
Today was slower than yesterday, can you believe that shit?  It was shocking to me.  GAWD.  It did give me time to blog my randomness today though as well as post my Music for a Tuesday.  Ya know you wanna check that out, if you haven't already. 
I'm feeling like such a shit that I didn't send out more Christmas cards, I received 2 today and I think I neglected to send them one, but they're all written up and in my bag ready for the mail. I hope they make it in time.
I've blogged Christmas in another post today, so I will leave that alone and well being as it's 11oo and I need some extra sleep, the comforter won't be ready until tomorrow, shit!  Damn Max costs me 20 bucks with that little pee on the comforter. 
Note to self and anyone who cares: Don't purchase or accept as a gift a comforter, bigger than a queen that is dry clean only.  Just don't! 

Goodnight Dingleberries, cya tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like you have been very busy and yes Pokey is a cutie pie!

    Usually I'm all stressed out this time of year. Yesterday morning I went on line at the unemployment website and my account had registered a $712.00 payment to my debit card.

    As I usually do I went to the bank to transfer that money into my checking account, showing my balance $0 DECLINED :O

    You know the deal, I called one number and they told me they had to transfer me to another department, on hold, another department transfer GRRRR

    I was really surprised at myself, I was kind and pleasent to everyone. Me? Patience? In the same sentence? OMG Actually I told the last representitive that I was just giving up for the day and would check again tomorrow and wished her a nice holiday.

    About 5PM I called the automated account balance number and the money had made it to my debit card : ) If the money wasn't there today I can't promise that I'd be as nice as I was yesterday.

    Alas, all is well, just have to go through the motions again. I feel some congestion and a terrible headache, it's raining and is supposed to rain all day and night but temps in the 60's.

    Wish I could just sleep this day away, but no chance of that, the coffee is tasting good though!

    Thanks for the card and I'm wishing you and family the happiest of Christmas', don't let the blog stress you out!

    Just do the MonkeyButt Chill : ) I really don't know what that means, sounds like a throwing feces kind of thing Ewwwwww Peace and Happiness!

  2. Thanks Tim, I know things can get annoying with monies and lack there of in my case. Christmas is an evil time of year at times. I am glad they got everything straight for you though with the money stuffs. Goverment isn't always the smartest folks when it comes to important things like that. At least you were able to keep your cool and not cuss someone out. lolz. I know thats always easier said than done. At times I wish I had the guts to just go off on someone. I tend to let Mr. Monkey Butt handle that stuff for me. Poor Poor Mr Monkey Butt!

    tee hee, well as you know, Monkeys have been known to fling poo! It's always a funny day when the poo is being thrown!

    I'm glad my card found you. I hope you are up to wondermus stuff this Holiday and celebrating it to it's fullest.

    Stay dry and get some nappy time in or something. I'm sure it's well deserved! :)


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