Sunday, December 11, 2011

Days 336 & 337, 365 days of 2011

Saturday, December 10th, 2011
Lovely day today and it was Mr. Monkey Butts birfday!  I bought him a Korn CD, the new one that I forget the name  of already, something about totality or something along those lines! 
It was a nice day out, pretty much, a little chilly, nothing to major though.
We're in the market for those really awful, preferably 3 dimensional sweaters like you see on television.  hahahah. We are thinking it will be effn awesome to rawk those for the holidays this year. You know the ones.
Yea, I've no idea who these men are, and of course I wasn't the lucky one to take this photo. But those are some awful sweaters aren't they. They make me giggle. 
So yea, we want to rawk something like that. How cool would that be?  Photos would be priceless wouldn't they?!!!

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Sunday?  Already!  That's no fair, no fair at all!  Back to work tomorrow and the days are slowly making their way to Xmas. I'm still unprepared and have yet to buy anything for anyone so far.  I'm hoping a little I will get the chance this weekend ::fingers crossed:: on that one!
Today was pretty much laid back.  We didn't do much of anything, ran out to Kroger and Racetrac, fun stuff there!
We  painted our Xmas trees we made, they're pretty cute, I do have to find a hot glue gun though.  Where did I put that thing?!!

Look how green they are and Pokey was so excited to decorate them until we noticed the Elmer's Glue just won't hold up to the spray paint :/  Dang!
Oh wells, got all the laundry done, apartment cleaned and Mr. Monkey Butt made  a tasty dinner!  Awesome day, just too bad we have to go back to work tomorrow!
Have an awesome Monday tomorrow Dingleberries. 
I'm rawking my new coat tomorrow, I think, pending the rain of course!  Check it!
It has those awesome patches on the elbows. 

I love this coat and it's a woman's, awesome find at goodwill :)

Awesome isn't it?!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Mr. Monkey Butt :)

    Glad you had a fun weekend. :)

  2. I would be caught dead in one of them sweaters LoL

    I have to clean today, bla, I hate dusting, it's pretty deep around the TV stand, vaccuum up dog hair and wash dishes.

    Too cold to do anything outside today. Supposed to get up in the fifty's next week and I GOT to get all my outside stuff done!

    I guess I better make the coffee extra strong those few days : )


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