Friday, December 2, 2011

Cancer Update...

And yes I've renamed this series.... It's already hit home, you know that, now we FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Well it's been a minute since I've done any updating on Mom's breast cancer survival.  Sadly there really hasn't been much to update.  Early November she went in for tests and the likes, PET scans and CT scans and the likes.  It all came back saying, hey you have cancer, well, more cancer.  It went from Breast Cancer to cancer in the lymph nodes as well as the chest area and the lung. 

Mom went into the Dr office yesterday, after we so patiently waiting till after the Thanksgiving holiday for the results of the last biopsy.  Mom's cancer has spread to her lung.  Meaning it isn't a different kind of cancer and it can't be treated differently.  From what I gather, Mom said that if the lung cancer was a different type then it would be better news, but it's the same.  So I guess that's bad news?  I'm not quite sure!

Anyways... things wrapped up quickly. Mom had her first round of  chemotherapy today.  They are treating her cancer with hopes it will shrink it down and make it better?  I'm sorry I'm so retarded with terminology and smart Dr stuff. Did I tell you Dingleberries ,I am no Dr?  Well, I'm not.  Plus unfortunately I've not been able to attend any of the Dr visits with Mom. So I'm not smart on the whole thing.

Mom had chemo today and  she was surprisingly upbeat and OK with everything yesterday when I talked to her, I've spoken to her tonight and throughout the day. She feels fine and actually received a cute wig.  We know her hair is going to fall out soon-ish?! 

Someone ratted me out and told Mom I'd planned on shaving my head when she lost her hair.  Bastards!  So now she is asking me not to. I love my Mom and would never do something she felt strongly against me doing ( lets not talk about my tattoos and piercings although she did approve of 3 of my piercings and yes I'm counting my ears!  )  But it thought it would make a nice statement as well as match hers!  Then again she may rawk the wig the whole time, lawd knows I can't rawk those like that (they are so itchy)

So, there you have the update and no worries, I will make sure to keep you all posted, because you're already gone this far, can't give up now! 

Thanks for caring.

Mom sporting her new wig
(she still has her hair )


  1. wishing your mother, and you, all the fortitude in the world... & much ♥

  2. Your Mama is rockin' that wig girl! Love ya'll lots!

  3. I think your mom has an amazing elegance that no wig can stifle! Thinking of you and yours, Doria. xx

  4. Thanks ladies!!!! Im going through this post with a face plant on my laptop with all of those typos I had! lolz.


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