Friday, December 9, 2011

Tis the season,

To be Jolly, fah la la la.

It's actually the season where I look around the picture necks being choked by my hands.  Big necks, small necks, tall necks, short necks, necks of all colors. 
There are times I just feel like a grinch, or a scrooge. (two of my favorite holiday movies I might add) It's not that I don't enjoy or love the holidays. It's just I hate shopping. I hate knowing I have to get out there and fight the crowds and hope and wish they still have what is on my list.
  Shopping has always been something not only am I terrible at but it's just unsatisfying and frustrating. In all shapes and forms. I hate trying on clothes, I love shoe shopping, trying to find the perfect gifts for people makes me nuts. I'm bad at that also!
I can picture it in my head, the feel good feeling of finding the perfect gift  for the someone.  But I've always failed, in EPIC PROPORTIONS.  It saddens me at times. Meh, not so much!  No one has ever called me out on my terribleness, so maybe they aren't aware yet!

That aside though I love the season. I know when it's cold as shiz that means it's here. Either it's coming or has already passed. Either way, it's nice. 
Times to think about sitting on the couch with cocoa or coffee and watching Christmas movies. I enjoy most of them.  I don't know why really, perhaps it's just a tradition for us to be excited for Christmas?  Our parents and families push it in our lives at such an early age that deep down we shiver with excitement as the days pass by. As the count down begins on the television, 25 days of Christmas.
 I've always had the holiday spirit and ya know, no matter how broke I am or how shitty life may seem.
A nice "jingle bells" will throw it all away and make things (if only for  a moment) better!.
I'm expecting nothing for Christmas this year, just the way I like it. Just means I've no one to shop for other than the kids.  They're easier some how, because they are young and will love anything for 5 seconds before the toss it down and grab something else to play with.  Just the way it goes every year, I'm use to it.
But this year with everything that went on, moving, life, mom, everything. It all weighed down on my spirits and wallet at first, but from the minute that Christmas tree was picked and tied to my car and placed in my living room. I've loved it. Every minute of it.
I'm still broke and honestly may be in the worst kind of debt when this is all said and done, but that doesn't matter. It's time to spend with family and friends and money will be there afterwards to catch it all up.
So people, have a safe and happy holiday season and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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  1. I have been one that for years carried that humbug around. I hate deadlines and commitments, probably why I never got married, never stayed still long enough.

    The material things don't matter, it's friends and family that count the most. If we are lucky, we have roofs over our heads and eat so much we can't move!

    You are still young, I never got my shit together and bought my house when I was 35. If I'm lucky enough to live that long it will be paid off when I'm 65!

    Just keep those thoughts positive and keep on keeping on!

  2. Friends and family are what make it all worth it! I'm 30 and have yet to make the commitment to a house. UGH! It's a big commitment though and it's an issue for me, lolz.


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