Monday, December 5, 2011

Cancer update....

Well I'm posting this with thoughts of coming up with a better title for this series. I'm not feeling it at all for some reason.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Then what do I do? Do I actually go in and change them all to the new name?  So frustrating. If I were more patient of a Monkey I wouldn't find myself in these predicaments, would I?

Anyways,  as you all knows, I posted last week or something with Momma Monkey Butts goings ons and how well it was going, even shared her new wig with you.  You berries are right, she's rawking that wig isn't she! 

It blows my mind the way she has handled this so far. No real sickness from treatment No. 1 and she seems to be feeling fine. She's ecstatic that the size of the tumor in her breast has gone down a quarter of it's size in only one treatment.  It's amazing!  Her Dr is also very confident in what they're doing. For that we are glad! 

The goals as of right now, is to take it down, kill it off, whatever its called and then wait and see.  Because the cancer is all the same, the Dr's say that it's in her blood and I guess that means there is no real sense in surgery. So we kill it down and then wait to see if it comes back.  If/when it comes back they retreat again. 

Thanks everyone for the love, thoughts and prayers.  You make us strong with it and you help me through my hard times by being such wondermus Dingleberries.  I will update again when there is something else to update. Have an awesome week!


  1. I'm very glad to hear that. Hug your mom for me please :)

  2. My mom is a two time survivor of breast cancer. Best wishes for your mom and for you. Cancer sucks. Kick its nasty butt.


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