Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chemo...Round 2

So it's round two and Mom is in the winning circle.  They've just started the treatment and with only a minor vein collapse it has begun!
Of course I can't be there for this treatment either, which makes me sick to my stomach.  Why I can't be there for my Mom while she goes through all of this.  I know my Dad as well as Sister feels the same way at times. It's so close to Christmas and we're hoping and praying that she doesn't feel to terrible for the holiday.
She's still my number 1 person and the strongest person I've ever met.
 I'm so glad she's my Mom and such a strong person.
So Dingleberries, pray for my Mom.
From what I'm gathering, my Granny as well as one of my Aunts is there with her.   She told my aunt to jokingly tell us she is running around neked and feeling fine! So I think it's a good sign. She is at least up beat about it and taking it like the fighter that she is. 
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers.  Everything is going fine so far and I will update again later to let you know how she is feeling.
Merry Ho Ho's people.


  1. My next door neighbor and your Mom are in about the same place it sounds like. She's so nice, she is losing her hair, she had a bandana on one day, she's not a bandana type person, she has a wig too.

    I pray for both of them every day!

    They both are tough cookies!

  2. I'm glad to hear that your Mom is still being positive about everything that's happening. I wish you and your family happy holiday.

  3. Thank you Tim and Starlight, Im wishing you both a very Happy HOliday (Merry Christmas) as well. Mom is a always going to be a fighter. Tim I remember you saying something about your neighbor. How is she doing with hers? Feely good vibes heading her way! She's in my thoughts as well! :) Bandanas are AWESOME!

  4. Mom is up, live and kicking. Thank You Doria, You are My babydoll, I'm so so Happy to have You, My first little gift in life, next to the gift of life itself,Thank You, My Daughter's Friends, for Caring. I am positive, it takes Mountains to move me, I am strong, and Life is Wonderful, Nothing but the Ultimate Gift, Not to lose Yet, Thank You all for the Wonderful Comments, and I Wish Each and Every one of You, Every Blessing You Ever Prayed for, Becky, Doria's Mother

  5. She's doing well Doria, no operation, just chemo and the DR's are up beat. She has good days and bad days but I've seen her driving so things must be going Ok for her. She has my phone # and knows I'd do anything for her.

    After she came home from the hospital in the beginning she did ask me to take her to get her medicine. Since then she's been doing everything herself and that's a good sign!

    Faith is a positive thing : )


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