Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012 postings

Day 263
Monday, September 24th
It's been a pretty uneventful weekend. We didn't get into to very much. We did finally get into the new antique store in town. It's full of really awesome stuff. A few of those things I would have lived to have but of course when they find an "antique" store the prices are through the roof.

I know now what the cabinet I'm looking for is called, or what it's like. Called a hoosier style or something like that. I'm sure I'm the last to know about this one and what it is, but whatever.  I saw one online a while back and WANTED it from first sight. But 600 smackers is just too much for broke ole me! 

Day 264
Tuesday, September 25th
Didn't buy anything at the antique store though. So that's probably a good thing for my wallet!  :)

We did hit up the thrift store in Athens also. I've been searching and suffering through my wardrobe for clothes that look better for church. Being the only one (lady) in jeans each sunday kind of makes me feel weird. But I wore a dress last weekend and really felt like a jack ass the whole time I had it on. It's lucky to be hanging in the closet, because honestly. I hate that dress. Why is it you buy something off the rack and LOVE  it. Can't live without it and then you wear it twice, it's crap!

Day 265,
Wednesday, September 26th
So I was able to find me an adorable cute skirt, purple of course and an oh so awesome painting of a tree, with snow on it. It's a black curly looking tree with a blue back ground and white snow. I love it, will attempt to snap a shot of it tomorrow and share it with you all :)  Someone did a pretty nice job, I think. Better than I could have done anyways!

Day 267,
Thursday, September 27th
My uncle and his family was up for the weekend this weekend. I was able to spend some time with t hem at the family thing at my aunts house this afternoon. It's been a while since we gathered.

Also received a birthday invite for my cousins daughters 8th birthday. At the skating rink, also exciting. can't wait! I know Pokey will feel the same way!!  :)

Day 268,
Friday, September 28th
Other than that there wasn't much to talk about this weekend. Not much that I can remember anyway.

Nothing onTV so I spent some time outdoors. We planted the jasmine bush thing by the front porch. that was super fun!

Day 269,
Saturday, Septmeber 29th
So I'm not sure how I feel about these posting 365 posts one day a week. I guess it's as good as any other and easier to keep up with I guess. NOt so much the picture part of it, because I'm forced to keep up with the weeks and days and all as to not avoid and/or lose pictures from the week.

What are your thoughts?!

So I'm having some problems getting my Sunday picture to upload. But I'm going to go ahead and post for you all tonight and attempt to get todays picture uploaded in the morning... 

Until then,

Day 270,
Sunday, September 30th

Finally got this thing loaded, the interweb hates me this week.  But whatever. It 's on here.  Awesome!

Say good bye to Septmeber...Already?! Dang!

Hang in there!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

One day at a time...

  Just hung up with Mama MB again today. She sounds a lot better and from what she tells me she is feeling so much better.

Looks like the percacet is a good thing for Mama MB. 

Results from the CT scan were in today as well when she went in for treatments.  Still cloudy here on what they were actually scanning for. I thought she had told me they were checking her bones. I thought that meant they were checking her bones for cancer?  Still not sure on that.  From what she says now, they were checking the bones to be sure she could be put on a type of pain medicine?  She did mention they wanted to check and be sure there was no cancer where she was complaining with. 

Good news, she doesn't have cancer in her bones and there isn't cancer there where they scanned. She's safe to take this "other" medicine, but she declined. I think  I might have done the same if  ya have to scan first to be sure the bones are OK?  WTF?

They think maybe the pain is coming from bad bones and arthritis.  Guess these are just things that come with age...

She's feeling better. 

One day at a time...

Hang  in there!

Thursday's Monkey Butt

Happy Thursday dear Dingleberries.
I've been in and out this week and am afraid I haven't gotten much done as far as reading your oh so awesome blogs.
One of my friends emailed me the other night that they have found a lump in her mothers breast. Doing more scans and everything soon.  My thoughts and prayers with her as another person has to deal with stress regarding this monster called cancer. Let's all pray that it isn't cancer!  

So let's move on, to something that isn't depressing. To something that doesn't make me want to shoot myself in the FOOT!  ;)

So it's Thursday, already. This week (thanks to the mail) I'm going to use my Thursday Monkey Butt for this oh so awesome and artistic post card I received as being part of the Post Card Campaign. Go check it out, sign up. Ya know you can't complain about mail box love each month!

I was actually worried that mine had been lost in the mail or something, but seems as though that isn't the case at all.  This one came from Rachel.  Rachel doesn't have a blog I can link to so unfortunately I can't check out what she's up to in her part of the world.  I will say that her artwork ( she calls it Atrocious) isn't bad at all. 
I will say she did a really awesome job!
Looks as though I am not the only one who didn't receive this post card on time.  Unfortunately their mail system works a little different than ours here in the states. So they stuck this terrible sticker right on the adorable monkey.

I'm mad at her mailing system! Their stupid sticker messed up my cute monkey art!  

So Happy Thursday Dingleberries!

I want to add that I'm starting a new thing.. Kinda, something else right?!
I've got a room in the new hizzle that I want to be an 'office'. However, the plans  I had back when I could only daydream about having my own space was that I'd decorate my walls with all things MB.  So here's your challenge.  Just like Rachel here I want artwork, drawings. Monkeys! 
GO ahead, just do it!  None of us can draw, well I know I can't and she thinks she cant. But who care?!  I don't!
I think it would be super dee awesome to cover my walls with awesome stuff.
So send me an email ( kcdoe27(at)hotmail(dot) or just comment on here. We can get in touch and I can send over my mailing address.  Ya can email it too if it's something you make with a computer. I don't know how to do that stuff!
Come on Dingleberries. Send me something!
Till then...

Hang  in there!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday my Dingleberries, We've made it to and almost over the hump. For that I am glad. These days are wearing on me and I need some sleep. Extra sleep!  It's tough at times.  But such is life!!! So here we are again, another Wednesday came and just about gone, so before it's completely gone and before I lose my chances, I'm linking up with This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday.  So let's do this thing...

Here's what I'm Loving

I'm Loving

Hello this awesome green sweater!!!

I'm Loving
I love this beautiful shot of a fall tree!  The changing leaves has to be my favorite part of the fall season.  BUt that's the only part I love! 

I'm Loving

OMigawd Look at this garden. I wannnnt it!  It's beautimus isn't it? 

I'm loving that Granny MB said Mama MB is feeling a bit better today. I'm hoping the news from the CT scans tomorrow is OK news. No more bad news! 

I'm Loving this adorable little fella too!

Hang in there!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Music For A Tuesday: Oh Me

I heart some Nirvana.. Has been my favorite band since I was a kid. I still love it to this day!  I know you guys missed me posting on Tuesday, but to save face I'm posting it on Wednesday. I had a lot to do after work yesterday and doesn't look like it's going to get any better the rest of the week. I'm doing what I can though!!

So, Enjoy!!

Hang in there!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy MONkeyDAY!

Just a bit of an update for tonight... Good followup for Sunday's (last nights) posts I guess. You know the MB hates to go without posting. 

(thanks Odie)

I've been watching "Diners Drive-ins and Dives" here lately.  I really like this show, also like Man vs Food. It's good stuff and sometimes I make mental notes so if I ever travel to any of these places I'm definitely going to visit these food places.

So this week not only have I added to my list but am also going to attempt to make one of the menu items. They didn't share the recipe but I think I could make a MB style.. Maybe? The resturant is called Perfectly Franks. It's in SC! I'm thinking a couple of my Dingleberries are from SC. or living in SC? Have any of you tried this place?  GA isn't far from SC and as soon as I can justify spending the money.  The MB crew  is taking a bit of a road trip. I must give it a shot!

So this week I'm going to attempt to make sweet tea marinated pork chops fried and served as a sammich. Sounds tasty right?   I'm hoping it's tasty!  Should be something different to say the least. They're almost thawed so I can throw them in the marinade for the night and day tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

Moving on...

Mama MB has been dealt a card this go around with her chemotherapy. It's a different medicine. Granny MB keeps telling me that it's only been out for a couple of years. Unfortunately this happens to be the one that is actually giving Mama MB a run for her money (so to speak) Sadly she is in a lot of pain right now. Says her back is really hurting her. It's like going from spot to spot and seems to be like half of her back hurts. It isn't the hurt that's just dull and comes and goes.  When Mama MB says something hurts, ya know it's probably a pain that no one else could bare.  She's popping Tylenol every four hours and only has some Loratabs for pain as well. Taking those every four hours as needed also.  Unfortunately she doesn't enjoy the Loratabs. They make her itch.  I hope her doctor can get her something for pain lined up when she goes in on Thursday. I hate that she wants to wait until Thursday, but it's hard to argue with Mama MB. If she can't get a handle on it after a day off.  I will be sure to press her on the issue.  Granny MB took them out to Wally World today, which we all know is HELL for us healthy folks.  Mama MB can't handle the walking anymore. In the market for a wheel chair now.
Praying that this chemo is working and if it isn't that they can get her onto something else that isn't going to make her hurt like this. 
Keep the prayers coming, because I know she needs them. Keep the prayers going for Tim over at Blast from a Past as well. I read his comments tonight that his  sisters cancer has made  it to the liver. Prayers they get hers under control as well.
Life seems rocky right now and as CW says there is a plan to it all, I just hate that I don't know what the plan is.  Where the plan is heading.
Till then...
Hang in there!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 posting

Day 256
Monday September 17th

Well it's my first real attempt at a weeks worth of 2012.  Well first intentional attempt that is. We've all seen me fall behind and come in one day with a week of photos and a long list of complaints and excuses as to why I didn't get it done when I was suppose to. 

Today it's on purpose. I'm not feeling too badly about the new way of doing it either. What are your thoughts Dingleberries?  Keep up with it everyday like I was trying to try this weeks stuff for a bit?

Day 257,
Tuesday, September 18th

Just a thought... Would see what you thought..

So this weekend was Music Midtown, I know you all read me  posting about it weeks, maybe even months ago.

We didn't get to go, I"m still sad about that.

Life isn't fair! I missed seeing Flo and the Machine as well as Pearl Jam and numerous other bands I wanted to see :/

Day 258
Wednesday, September 19th


We were able to make it  to the outdoor store and pick up a fig tree for the yard and a jasmine bush thing for the yard as well. Pretty exciting!

Day 259
Thursday, September 20th

Some relationship (no I'm not married) issues going on around here. Things just aren't going smoothly. Quite frankly shit sucks!!

Preacher man keeps preaching this and that. Trying to make me be a better me when all I want to do is throw in the towel and walk away.

This shit never fails, nothing ever works. I'm up late, blogging it all over the world to see.  I guess I just don't care right now.

Day 260,
Friday, September 21st
It's back to work tomorrow. Back to the place where grown ups actually give a shit (sometimes) about how I feel and what I think. Though I'm not one to demand it, will just be nice to be back to the norm. Where the fighting ceases and life can be life. 

Day 261,
Saturday, September 22nd

I'm tired Dingleberries, I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and hopefully the start to their work week isn't bad either..

It's like I always say....

Hang in there!

Day 262,
Sunday, September 23rd

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt

Happy Thursday Dingleberries!

I was at a loss this morning for what I would share this week. I had a mailbox full of awesome Monkey photos that Odie sent me this morning.  I will share at least one for you when I'm done, but as I was saying.
I thought and thought and thought about what I could do this week.  
Then my savior walked through the door. 

One of the body techs came in and was talking about Trunk Monkey. I'd never heard of this before and if I'm not mistaken he'd seen it online.  Ya know MB can't resist the urge to check out anything regarding monkeys.  Perhaps it's a sickness?

I'm laughing my fraking arse off. I love them all, but the one with the cop and the donuts. Then the poor monkey in the back seat of the cop car. HILARIOUS!  Be sure you watch the whole thing. You won't regret it!

Hang  in there!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh the decisions....

Trying to play catch up a bit, just to share a bit of news.  I met with the lady at Le Cordon Bleu and I loved the place. It really is something awesome and the adviser lady was really really helpful.

But... Ya knew there would be a but didn't you?

I've decided to shop around for schools.  It's pretty much a necessity that I'm able to get some financial aid, because frankly I'm going to lose work with this venture. I may be able to stay on part time-ish but it's going to take away from my 40 hours. I don't know what this will do to the household. Income wise....

I'm worried that with the drive and the schedule and the price tag of the famous Le Cordon Bleu that it could bog me down. I will lose not only work but quality time with Mr MB and Pokey.This scares me

The whole thing scares me really, it's odd.  So I'm going to shop schools. Check out the tech schools and see what they have to offer, how they compare to the oh so awesome Le Cordon Bleu.

What do you all think?

Think I will find something close to equal their greatness?

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday my dearest Dinglberries!  It's Wednesday only already ? Where does the time go?  I've a lot on my mind, but I'm going to save that for another post. Not to riddle this one with too much BS today!  How does that sound?

So without further ado, I'm giving you what I'm Loving this Wednesday. Linking up (as usual) with Little Daisy May @ This Kind of Love, so go check her out.

I'm Loving : Culinary Arts!

I was going to save this for later, but I had a meeting with the admissions adviser at Le Cordon Bleu yesterday after work.  Terribly exciting and nerve wrecking all at the same time. I've never really been to a meeting like that.

I loved the school and I loved the adviser. She was really really awesome!

She had all sorts of information for me and I asked as many questions as I could. I genuinely think she loved the MB. But really, who doesn't?

I'm Loving: Bakery and Pastry chef 

I was blown away when she walked me through the bakery/pastry side of the school. There were cakes like these there and I could feel my excitement through the roof!  I think she knew how excited I was as well.

I just made sure to remind her I was more interested in the Culinary Arts side of the field, for now.

Moving along,

I'm Loving: Where We Belong

The novel I was reading, I finished it last night. I won't spoil anything, but it's a story of adoption and their story of finding each other. The ending made me mad.

That's it. That's all I'm going to say!!

I'm Loving Mr MB and Pokey, for being so understanding with my crazy erratic ideas and hopes. They really are the best ever!   Mr MB and Pokey went shopping and made the tastiest dinner ever and I was even surprised with some beautimus flowers :) I'm spechull ya know?!?!

I'm Loving this little guy too!

There ya have it, What I'm Loving Wednesday.  What are you loving this Wednesday?

Hang  in there!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Music For A Tuesday: Soggy Bottoms

It's what I heard playing on Pandora this morning. Papa MB loves this movie and may very well own this soundtrack. It's not the style of music I typically listen to, but I really love it!

I know some of you may have heard this one.  Have you seen the movie?  Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

Takes me back some  years, back to a day when I still thought George Clooney was to die for. Now he's still hawt but a big asshole at the same time.  Go figure!

So there ya have it, it's all I got for right now.  Enjoy!

Hang  in there!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Prayers needed

This is a last minute post, as I'm wrapping up my reading and blogging for right now. It's #2 for today but it's a must post..

A dear friend of mine, Tim over at Blast From The Past Blowing in the Wind has blogged today that his sister has been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.

I hope he doesn't mind my sharing ...

My heart flopped in my chest, plummeted to the basement of my soul as I read the news. I shed some tears for him and his family.  His neighbor is also suffering cancer.  Ya all know Mama MB has her battle as well.

It's insanity really, all of this cancer. Hitting so close to home, making me realized we aren't all so lucky.  I thought we were, lucky. I thought to myself, Nah that won't happen to me.

Mama MB diagnosed last year and fighting, his neighbor. Tim has lost family to this monster in the past.

My heart and thoughts go out to him and his family. Virtual hugs and prayers his way. Please everyone pray for his strength and family. He's an awesome kind of guy!  Trust me!

Saying Farewell, Bagger.

It just hit me that I've actually succeeded in getting rid of Bagger (guinea pig #2) this morning.  It also just hit me that I'm sad by this.  I really liked Bagger, he had a personality all his own and was nothing like our buddy Rhino (Guinea pig #1).

They couldn't live together though.

Rhino has some....allergy to shavings.  He still has issues with his eye getting all goopy and well they enjoyed chasing each other around and trying to eat each other I think.

Not a good thing if you ask me!

But Bagger is gone now and like I said, I feel sad. I hope it doesn't affect Pokey too much. She's back and forth with her emotions on this matter.  Money seemed to distract her emotions a bit though.

That's wrong isn't it?

Hang in there!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 Posts

Happy Sunday my dearest Dingleberries.  I want to say something before I get into the picture posting. I read all of your awesome comments on my update for Mama MB's cancer update.  She did tell me over the weekend that Granny MB was a bit more talk than she thought, the Doctors won't know if her cancer is changing or shrinking until they do more scans, more than a month away. Mama MB seems to be in a lot more pain at times that she lets on.  Keep praying Dingleberries, that's what I'm doing!  She's still the toughest cookie I know, so I'm still sure she's got this!

Day 253, 2012
Thursday, September 13th
So I think I've decided that perhaps the time has come where I need to reorganize my time a little. I've been terribly tired and being new at this whole routine we are doing now, since the move.  So I think I've decided and this is subject to change, but I think I'm doing to dedicate Sunday's to my 365 posts.  Rather than posting daily with those.  I plan to keep posting my normal postings and whatever else I find blog worthy, but I'm thinking this will free up my time a little and well I think it will be a nice change for me and quite possibly you all as well. I know I'm one of those blogging daily bloggers and quite honestly don't think  I will change that. Not for a while anyway.  Exciting isn't it?!

Day 254, 2012
Saturday, September 15th
Yeap if you're paying attention that says what you think it says. I missed Friday's photo. Don't ask me how I did that, because I've really no clue.

Friday was Friday, still tired and plenty to do. There are buckets of things that need to be done around the new place. Little gadgets we need, this place didn't come equipped with enough closets. I hate places with no coat closets or linen closets. It makes my brain ache to say the least. So we're shopping for racks and storage options.  Arg! Luckily the soon to be office has a closet that seemed perfect for the coats. 

Day 255, 2012
Sunday, September 16th
Last minute photo, after a panicky searching through the phone.  Something weird going on with the phone where it isn't saving my photos to my memory card anymore!  Stupid hunk of junk!  Perhaps the memory card is full though, it's telling me it has over 800 pictures on the memory card and about 170 pictures on the phone itself. Time to do a clean up, but being the pack rack that I am. I never delete anything.

I'm still tired... GO figure, just can't seem to get enough  sleep as of lately.  I even went to bed early both nights on the weekend, am up a bit later tonight, only because I need to get this posted, to get myself in a routine... Or something. 

So dear Dingleberries, I'm wrapping this up. I think I've posted enough for one night anyway.  I will babble more tomorrow, because I didn't even tell you about the fair. 


HaNg In ThErE! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Breast Cancer Update: A flicker of light?

Mama MB had her chemo treatments today, when I called and spoke with Granny MB she tells me that Mama MB was feeling OK. Her treatment was almost finished.

News in from the doctor, her blood work came back really good and Mama MB's pain had eased up some. So that gave them (the doctors)  reason to hope that perhaps the chemo is working this time. Maybe, just maybe the chemo is shrinking the cancer down.

source ( I can't make heads or tails of this shit)
Did I ever report their findings or the final word on the pain Mama MB was having? The pain that sent her to the ER one night, which mind you caused me some stress.  Well from what I'd read on Facebook she said it was pleurisy, well turns out it was only like pleurisy.  I've never fraking heard of pleurisy before. From what the interwebs tells me and of course what Mr. MB's Mom tells me it's really painful and is when fluid builds up between the lung and chest.  Caused from some cancers, among other things.  So perhaps it really was this thing called pleurisy.

But final word was, Mama MB was doomed to suffer the "pleurisy" until the chemo starts to work.  Nothing was going to make it go away, if it got too bad they could do a procedure that would drain the fluid, but I'm sure it would only build back up again, over time.

Mama MB got a bit of hopeful good news today. She hasn't been eating well lately and some members of the family was worried she was sinking into a bit of depression. I give it everything I can to be sure she keeps her chin up and keeps on praying.

We love the Mama MB and want her well again, at least get things under control.

So it's like I always say,

Hang in there! 

Friday's Fabulous Photo


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt: Lesula

Playing on Facebook last night I came across this one, a page called " I fucking Love Science" and they've always got something cool or funny to share.  So they shared this one, also sharing that scientist have discovered a new species of monkey in the Congo.  How exciting and look at it's face. Pretty cute if you ask me!

They're calling it Lesula. (source)

After googling through pictures of the Congo, I must admit that country pulls at my heart strings a bit. It's been a while, selfishly, since I've acknowledged or even thought about other countries, poor countries. The one's you see on television with Sarah McLachlan singing in the back ground. Poor Philippe who hasn't eaten this year and is forced to sleep with his pet dog. Covered in fleas and sharing his shit sandwich with his four siblings.  You know the ones?

But I'm straying from the post :)


They're happy to report they've discovered this species before it was too late.   Fearing extinction due to people hunting and eating it.  I've never thought about eating monkey before. Ew!   I should have known people do after seeing the chilled monkey brains in Indiana Jones. Yuck.

Another happy ending to an almost tragic thing in the world. Extinction. Though we may need to worry more about those starving children in the Congo. Tragic I tell ya, just tragic.

So there ya have it, this weeks Monkey butt. If you look closely you can see it's butt, I think it's blue. Enjoy!

Hang in there

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 252, 2012

It was a slow day today at work, I was able to catch up on some reading, posting and trying to get some of my book reading done as well.  I actually need to get back to that but for now I will babble a few words for you all.

Lots of great blogs today and of course the 9/11 posts from yesterday. Seems like a lot of you do different Wednesday posts as well.  They're a lot of fun aren't they? 

Mama MB seems OK today, had some back pain and her epilepsy was bothering her today as well. I wish she  didn't have so much on her place. That she  wasn't dealt her card in life. That she hadn't been given so much to go through in this life.  She's a tough one though.

Also want to share, before I scoot out of here, one of the bloggers I follow lost her hubs this week to brain cancer. A very sad story and a long rough road for them both.  My thoughts and prayers for Tashi and her late hubs Wash. He's in a better place. 

So everyone that's all you get for tonight.  I'm a busy girl ya know?! 

Hang in there!

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday ya'lls. I hope we're all having a smashing day today. I'm linking up with Jamie at Little Daisy May for What I'm Loving Wednesday.  It took me a bit to get this one together this week, busy day around here I guess. Phones ringing, people showing up to harass schedule towing.  Guess that's better than being stranded with the car and calling me.  Oh well, it's work. 'nother day in paradise.  

What I'm Loving today:

I'm Loving my pinterest finds this week found here:

They made me LOL for a while, loved it, hope you all did as well!

I'm Loving September:
It's the beginning of fall that I do NOT love but it also marks a few things to happen this month. The county fair should be here this weekend, next weekend?   Also we're hosting Music Midtown this year. I'm excited to see many of the acts coming this year. Pearl Jam, Flo and the Machine, Garbage, just naming a few. I'm excited!

I'm Loving new ideas for the new place. Paints, wall hangings, linens, everything. It's exciting at times.

I'm Loving these boots. OMIGOD!

And of course, I'm Loving this adorable Monkey..

Have a great day dear Dingleberries,

Hang  in there!