Friday, September 14, 2012

Breast Cancer Update: A flicker of light?

Mama MB had her chemo treatments today, when I called and spoke with Granny MB she tells me that Mama MB was feeling OK. Her treatment was almost finished.

News in from the doctor, her blood work came back really good and Mama MB's pain had eased up some. So that gave them (the doctors)  reason to hope that perhaps the chemo is working this time. Maybe, just maybe the chemo is shrinking the cancer down.

source ( I can't make heads or tails of this shit)
Did I ever report their findings or the final word on the pain Mama MB was having? The pain that sent her to the ER one night, which mind you caused me some stress.  Well from what I'd read on Facebook she said it was pleurisy, well turns out it was only like pleurisy.  I've never fraking heard of pleurisy before. From what the interwebs tells me and of course what Mr. MB's Mom tells me it's really painful and is when fluid builds up between the lung and chest.  Caused from some cancers, among other things.  So perhaps it really was this thing called pleurisy.

But final word was, Mama MB was doomed to suffer the "pleurisy" until the chemo starts to work.  Nothing was going to make it go away, if it got too bad they could do a procedure that would drain the fluid, but I'm sure it would only build back up again, over time.

Mama MB got a bit of hopeful good news today. She hasn't been eating well lately and some members of the family was worried she was sinking into a bit of depression. I give it everything I can to be sure she keeps her chin up and keeps on praying.

We love the Mama MB and want her well again, at least get things under control.

So it's like I always say,

Hang in there! 


  1. Praying for your mom. Cancer f**kin sucks!

  2. It also f**kin blows. Fight it, then fight some more!

  3. Oh, praying for your mom. It is what everyone needs, some hopeful news to keep your spirits up. I pray, pray the chemo is working for her! It's possible, it really is.

  4. I'm thinking of you and your Mom and hoping for the best. *hugs*

  5. Hope everything will be fine :)
    pray for you and your mom :)
    Don't get stressed too much :)

  6. Big hugs for you and your mum. Stay strong lovely lady.

  7. Like Mynx, I am sending warm hugs for you and your mother. You are always in my prayers.


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