Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 posting

Day 256
Monday September 17th

Well it's my first real attempt at a weeks worth of 2012.  Well first intentional attempt that is. We've all seen me fall behind and come in one day with a week of photos and a long list of complaints and excuses as to why I didn't get it done when I was suppose to. 

Today it's on purpose. I'm not feeling too badly about the new way of doing it either. What are your thoughts Dingleberries?  Keep up with it everyday like I was trying to try this weeks stuff for a bit?

Day 257,
Tuesday, September 18th

Just a thought... Would see what you thought..

So this weekend was Music Midtown, I know you all read me  posting about it weeks, maybe even months ago.

We didn't get to go, I"m still sad about that.

Life isn't fair! I missed seeing Flo and the Machine as well as Pearl Jam and numerous other bands I wanted to see :/

Day 258
Wednesday, September 19th


We were able to make it  to the outdoor store and pick up a fig tree for the yard and a jasmine bush thing for the yard as well. Pretty exciting!

Day 259
Thursday, September 20th

Some relationship (no I'm not married) issues going on around here. Things just aren't going smoothly. Quite frankly shit sucks!!

Preacher man keeps preaching this and that. Trying to make me be a better me when all I want to do is throw in the towel and walk away.

This shit never fails, nothing ever works. I'm up late, blogging it all over the world to see.  I guess I just don't care right now.

Day 260,
Friday, September 21st
It's back to work tomorrow. Back to the place where grown ups actually give a shit (sometimes) about how I feel and what I think. Though I'm not one to demand it, will just be nice to be back to the norm. Where the fighting ceases and life can be life. 

Day 261,
Saturday, September 22nd

I'm tired Dingleberries, I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and hopefully the start to their work week isn't bad either..

It's like I always say....

Hang in there!

Day 262,
Sunday, September 23rd


  1. Replies
    1. I'm glad to hear that :) Hope your weekend was awesome!

  2. No cute comments about bad weekends from me. I know we all get to that point at times, and more often than not, the rainbow at the end isn't exactly the one we're looking for. But there is a greater plan. Gets frustrating not knowing what it is at times, but it is there. Hugs for the meantime.

    1. Thanks CW and you're so right. I wish I knew the plan or at least had an idea. Very frustrating indeed! :) Thanks!

  3. The issues I'm suffering right now, I have to agree with CW, that it must be in the plan, and even if it's not what I want to hear, I still have do deal with it. So I put on my big boy pants and try to deal with everything the best that I know how.

    I didn't post this on my blog because I was afraid some family members might see it before they were called in person, but my sister's stage 3 cancer has already spread to the liver : /

    First she gets radiation every day for 3 weeks then on to chemo for a spell, that's all we know right now. I can't give up on my Sissy, I have to continue my prayers for her and strength for our family. Thanks for everyone's prayers and well wishes. Peace

    1. Thinking of you and your sis, Tim.

    2. Awe Tim I'm so sorry to read that. My thoughts and prayers with you and Sissy!! :/ HUGS!

  4. I'm swinging as I'm hanging, but holding tightly! Hugs and thoughts sent your way....x♥x

    1. Thanks Helena! Holding on tightly, nice one! :)

  5. WOW!!! "5" pictures to gaze upon today. How great is that?
    Hanging is all we can do sometimes and take the shit when it comes hoping it doesn't come too often. Been there, done that sweet thang. Just know we are out here pulling for you.

    1. Thanks Odie! GUess it wouldn't be life without bumps and speed breakers ;) Just keep holding on tight like Helena says!

  6. Things aren't all rosy over in these parts either, relationship-wise. :S I think moving has a tendency to stir things up sometimes and not in a good way.

    1. I hope it's the move thing, ya know. Things settling and all after all the change.. Maybe! Relationships are work I guess, I don't care what they say... they're all like that!

  7. I had a pretty good weekend. Until a relationship thingie got all ugly and weird. Thankfully, it wasn't my relationship (even though I AM ugly and weird).
    But, I was glad to be back at work.
    That won't last, though.

    1. Oh stop, you can't be ugly and weird! :) Relationship thingies are annoying! Yea.. I was glad to be back at work also and then the work part kicked in and yep, I still hate my job! Go figure!


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