Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt

Happy Thursday Dingleberries,
It's late, but better late than never right?  Especially considering the week I'm having. These long rides home and going to bed early. It's really making things hard. I will be happy to get things settled and get some normal back in my life.

So without further babbles, let's bring on the reason why we're here.  To see what I'm sharing with you this week. 

Oh.My.Garsh. This one is super cute isn't it? 
It's a Golden Lion Tamarin, a small New World Monkey also called  Golden Marmoset.  It's native in Brazil and actually on the endangered species list; only about 1500 in the wild.

They're super small and only live in groups of like 2-8. 

They're adorable aren't they?  I'm hoping the world never loses this one.

Well short post for this week, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  Thanks Odie for the awesome photo again this week!


Hang in there!


  1. Amazing creatures. I hope we leave them alone wherever they live so they can thrive.

  2. Yes that is a very unique part of the monkey world and a joy to observe.


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