Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Music For A Tuesday: Simple Minds

Simple Minds, Don't you (forget about me).  We all better know this one and better have this movie memorized! Awesome awesome awesome stuff!!

Simple Minds- A Scottish rock band.

And by Scottish I do indeed mean the kind you see and hear about playing bagpipes and wearing those oh so awesome kilts.
Wonder what kind of panties he has on!

 Ahhh a man in a kilt, that's something else isn't it? Just enough to make my knees weak and my heart flipper around.

We know he never wore panties under his.

Back to Simple Minds...... Popular in the 80's and 90's. With hits like Don't you (forget about me) and their US hit single Alive and Kicking not to forget their UK no 1 hit Belfast Child.  (source)

Breakfast Club:  Way back in 1985, mind you I was like 5.  I don't recall seeing this movie in the 80's and I can't remember what if anything Mama MB might have said in regards. Nor did I pick up on any catch phrases or scenes being acted out or repeated by the many a visitor at our home.  I do remember watching it as an older child though.  I didn't really get it back then, now it's one of my favorite movies.

That list is short and honestly may very well only consist of about 3 films, but I guess that's a post for another day.

I think we can all relate on one level  or another to this movie.  Love it, hope you enjoy. Have an awesome Tuesday!

Hang in there! 


  1. I have that song on my IPod since I'm such an 80's freak. GAWD, The Breakfast Club is a classic in my book.

  2. Loved the song and the changing pictures. Have an awesome Tuesday.

    1. Thanks Odie, you do the same.I wanted one with a video but it kept telling me it was too small; wtf?!!? :)


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