Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Music For A Tuesday: Soggy Bottoms

It's what I heard playing on Pandora this morning. Papa MB loves this movie and may very well own this soundtrack. It's not the style of music I typically listen to, but I really love it!

I know some of you may have heard this one.  Have you seen the movie?  Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

Takes me back some  years, back to a day when I still thought George Clooney was to die for. Now he's still hawt but a big asshole at the same time.  Go figure!

So there ya have it, it's all I got for right now.  Enjoy!

Hang  in there!


  1. I figure George's arm candy just keep getting younger merely because he can and will. Serious commitment issues that one!!!

  2. Not really a Clooney fan but the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou," was awesome! Oh geesh we are under tornado watch until 7PM tonight! Follow the Yellow Brick Road : )

  3. I've never found George Clooney a pin up.

  4. I am a big bluegrass fan and love this type of music. The movie is kind of lame but I like the music. Hope you have had a great weekend and so far a great week.


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