Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 Posts

Happy Sunday my dearest Dingleberries.  I want to say something before I get into the picture posting. I read all of your awesome comments on my update for Mama MB's cancer update.  She did tell me over the weekend that Granny MB was a bit more talk than she thought, the Doctors won't know if her cancer is changing or shrinking until they do more scans, more than a month away. Mama MB seems to be in a lot more pain at times that she lets on.  Keep praying Dingleberries, that's what I'm doing!  She's still the toughest cookie I know, so I'm still sure she's got this!

Day 253, 2012
Thursday, September 13th
So I think I've decided that perhaps the time has come where I need to reorganize my time a little. I've been terribly tired and being new at this whole routine we are doing now, since the move.  So I think I've decided and this is subject to change, but I think I'm doing to dedicate Sunday's to my 365 posts.  Rather than posting daily with those.  I plan to keep posting my normal postings and whatever else I find blog worthy, but I'm thinking this will free up my time a little and well I think it will be a nice change for me and quite possibly you all as well. I know I'm one of those blogging daily bloggers and quite honestly don't think  I will change that. Not for a while anyway.  Exciting isn't it?!

Day 254, 2012
Saturday, September 15th
Yeap if you're paying attention that says what you think it says. I missed Friday's photo. Don't ask me how I did that, because I've really no clue.

Friday was Friday, still tired and plenty to do. There are buckets of things that need to be done around the new place. Little gadgets we need, this place didn't come equipped with enough closets. I hate places with no coat closets or linen closets. It makes my brain ache to say the least. So we're shopping for racks and storage options.  Arg! Luckily the soon to be office has a closet that seemed perfect for the coats. 

Day 255, 2012
Sunday, September 16th
Last minute photo, after a panicky searching through the phone.  Something weird going on with the phone where it isn't saving my photos to my memory card anymore!  Stupid hunk of junk!  Perhaps the memory card is full though, it's telling me it has over 800 pictures on the memory card and about 170 pictures on the phone itself. Time to do a clean up, but being the pack rack that I am. I never delete anything.

I'm still tired... GO figure, just can't seem to get enough  sleep as of lately.  I even went to bed early both nights on the weekend, am up a bit later tonight, only because I need to get this posted, to get myself in a routine... Or something. 

So dear Dingleberries, I'm wrapping this up. I think I've posted enough for one night anyway.  I will babble more tomorrow, because I didn't even tell you about the fair. 


HaNg In ThErE! 


  1. I don't know how bloggers manage who post everyday. I post every other day at Chubby Chatterbox and that's a stretch for me.

  2. 800 pics would have my phone puking up serious polaroid fragments!

    1. lols... Yea I think mine wants to. I've yet to find the card thing I need to remove the pics from the itty bitty card in the phone. Arg!

  3. Wow, 3 pictures on one post of our famous MB. I like it and hope the rest of your week is awesome.


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