Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 250, 2012

Monday, September 10th
Shhh, ya hear that? Nothing!  Silence, with the exception of the television. The news is telling me we're in the upper 60's right now, still.  That's not such good news I don't think.  Pokey was pitching a fit this morning with that cold weather we were having. The car just won't warm up fast enough!

Just  a couple of things for tonight, I'm serious one of these days I'm going to have all my cleaning and things done in time to blog something worthy. Then again, aren't all my blogs worthy.  LIE TO ME! 

So my browser needs to be updated... WTF is that about?  Of course it doesn't tell you how to update the browser, or shit even tell me what the browser is.  From what I've googled, its my Internet explorer.  Arg! I can't see the problem with the one that I have.  If I update said browser will I be stuck with both? 

Still getting use to the whole new living away from the city.  Not only are we missing many things, convienience type things, it's pretty quiet.  So far Pokey seems to like her new school and her new friends.  She says she's befriended a little friend who happens to be in Pre-K.  They sit together on the bus. She still tells me the riding the bus with the older kids is creepy. She's so silly! 

Watched Mr MB mow the lawn yesterday, I thought to myself, I wonder what he thinks about that.  I know me, I'd hate it. It would make me want to burn the house down and move back to the city where they mow the grass  for me.  He got it done though, maybe it wasn't too bad :)

Well Dingleberries, I must wrap this up.  Got plenty to do and must find me a notebook, because I'm getting good ideas while I'm out and not being able to jot them down.  OoOoOo maybe one of those voice recorder things, I can just talk to it while I drive home. Good idea right? Until next time ...

Hang in there! 


  1. I get tired of being told "I need to update my browser." Escpecially when I can usually hit the little "broken page " in the address bar and its magically happy again. Youtube does this all the time, in hopes that you will jump onto google chrome. I will never jump on board with GC or Bing, not because they are bad, but they are too damn pushy.

    1. I really don't care much for Bing. I did "update my browser" last night though through Microsoft and I have the Google chrome on my work computer! :)


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