Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Patriots day 2012: USA

My favorite photo from 2001

Eleven years ago today terrorist rocked our country with their crashing and destruction of New York's twin towers.  We've all heard the stories, read the blogs and the papers.  It was today eleven years ago so the news programs have been talking about it all morning and every chance they have since Monday this week I'm sure.  Nothing new there, I'm not complaining either.

It took the country to it's knees with sadness for many an hour, day, week, month and years for some of those.  I luckily was no where near New York, no where near a twin tower and luckily my family and loved ones were far away as well.  No matter how lucky I was there is many a person, child, husband, family was broken when this happened.  Many people lost their lives and had their lives ruined. It was a sad day. We all know this already.

So last year I didn't do a post for 9/11, not like I am today.  Actually last year it fell on a Sunday so I rambled on about hangovers or something, see here!

Flashing back .... Eleven years ago.

September 11th 2001 : My 19 year old self, (whom thought it was a good idea to rebel and move out after high school to spend all my free time with my boyfriend) awoke to the sun shining through the windows.

There wasn't much to brag about or even feel good about sharing about my life back in 2001.  Barely old enough to smoke, vote and join the armed forces, still too young to drink legally. I'd been a drinker for many a year before 2001. But these things are a post for another day....

Life was grand in the sense that I could wake when I wanted to wake, clean when I wanted to clean and work, well when I wanted to work.  The life of a child trying to pretend to be a grown up and live her grown up life with the boy she loved. 

Things were normal, things were good.

So I wake up and things seem like things, our ....place of living.... was set back of the road and real shit hole.  There are no other words to describe the place, shit hole is the best description.

So I wake up in our shit hole and stumble my hungover ass to the living room which houses the very small television set I'd brought with me from my parents house.  Flicked it on, we had all of 8 channels or so. Yes back then you could still plug the television in and pickup channels like two, five and eight.  Then as you already know, the television is riddled with pictures and news reporters and then news they had for me that morning was insanity.

I think someone snapped this photo
of our busted house and one of my boyfriends cars!
I can't say I felt anything then. It's only recently that the emotional part of me has begun to work. I feel for people, but not as I should.  Now though I cry at sad moments in others lives, I send out a well wishing vibe each time I hear a story of some woman getting killed in a car accident, of a poor child being shot by some mad gun wielding lunatic.  I feel things now and I'm sad by all of the horrible things that happened to all of those poor innocent people eleven years ago.  I feel for how those widows and motherless/fatherless children feel and felt in these last eleven years. My heart and soul aches for them and their loss, even still. More so still because I couldn't let myself feel back then. I was a selfish little brat back then who only cared when I'd get more beer and pot.

Times have changed, I have changed... For the better, I  hope.

So today, we take a moment and send out a hug and a well wishing for those who suffered and for those who loss back eleven years ago when those planes went down and those buildings fell to the ground.


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who suffered on that terrible day. May peace eventually come to those still suffering.

  2. Very well done post my friend. Sept. 9th 2001 my wife then announced she was leaving me and our then 17 year old daughter. Didn't see or talk to her again until August of 2002. On the 11th I was sitting at my desk upstairs in a log home model where I sold log home packages and heard the news on the radio and was kind of numb, helpless and mad all at the same time. What a day that was.

    1. I'm so very sorry to hear this Odie, you're such a kind person and such an awesome friend. My thoughts are with you as well ::hugs::

  3. Couldn't have put it better myself. It's the only day of the year where I fear something will happen again :(

    1. Sometimes I wonder if someone would do something like that, just seems like a bad mood. Guess it wouldn't surprise me.


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