Friday, September 7, 2012

Finally, with a 2012

Hello my dearest Dingleberries, Thank each and every one of you for Hanging In There during my away times. I've tried to keep up with blogging, it's hard when there is no net at home, but it's on now.  On another good note, we should also have A/C tomorrow.  I bet Pokey and Mr MB are excited about that tid bit of news. Hell I think I'm even a bit excited.

The new house carpet makes me itch!  I think.  Something is making me itch and it just seems to be Mama MB and myself. Odd? I think so.

So what have I been up to?  Other than NOT updating my 365 posts?  Yea well, I've bombed it this year.  Well for a week anyway! So other than that, here's a good example of one thing I'm posta be doin'!

I'm posta be reading this book. I'm only in to about 3 chapters or so.  Which bugs me, but lately I just can't spare the time to get into it. With work and being busy, moving, unpacking, the new house and everything else in my life. Mama MB, new school, school buses and Pokey's new school. It's a mess. I don't want to move, ever again. Did I mention that in a previous post?

Oh, new news, I've actually started another blog, on word press.  Don't fret, I'm not moving, but at times I will post some things that aren't posted here. For those who are interested send me a note or something and I will link you over there!  :)

I'm also in the market for pictures and Monkey Butts for my Thursday and Friday post. I know a few of you have came to my beckon call and sent me what you had, again I'm so thankful. I'm also aware that some of you are new here and hey who doesn't want to share with a MB like me?  Send it on over, whatsonyourmindmonkeybutt(at)gmail(dot)com.  Leave me a message if you're sending anything over!  :)

So lets see....  for 2012 posts.  This saddens me, because for the last few days I've told myself to take a photo... I failed!  So let me do this thing, before I put it off and forget  again!    Check out my last post, HERE, this was the last 2012 post. I know you all saw it!  Last Wednesday's post, Day 237.  That being said let me share what I do have for this week!  :)

Day 238,
August 30th
Packing day... Dreaded packing day.  I remember, Pokey and I had a fun time at the Steak & Shake getting some dinner on!

It could have been a lot worse I guess and needless to say my blood pressure was through the roof and there was a shittastic taste in my mouth the whole time. Not on a literal sense of course, just frustration!

<3 My Derlin <3 
Day 242/243
Sunday/Monday September 2/3
Sorry for the weird date thing I had going on. I snapped this one before bed on the 2nd, but of course it was after 12am on the 3rd. Being the MB that I am I just couldn't pick a day to stick it on though now that I think about it I'm more of a half full person so technically I should just call it Sunday the 2nd and be done with it, but it's a nice touch for both days,  being right there in the middle of HELL and all ;)  It's taken at the new place though and look I've already hung shit in the fridge. Mr MB gave me the oh gawsh when I went ahead and started tacking things up. Sorry.. It's not home until my fridge is covered in shit. Yes I said it, covered in shit! All my favorite shit though!

Took another couple of days off and BAM!

Day 247,
Friday September 7th
We celebrated Mama MB's 48th birthday last night.. I hope she enjoyed it, at least a little. She's in a lot of pain as of lately and doesn't really seem like she's loving life.  The news I'd got regarding her pain wasn't accurate  This is actually another thing caused by the cancer and sadly it's not going to go away until the chemo starts to work or they can drain the fluid and it could help ease the pain.

 I can understand her pain, I can't say I feel her pain.  At times I wish I could so that she doesn't have to. Sadly, that isn't in the cards for us right now.

I pray things turn around for her, SOON.  Life is unfair at times, this is one of those times.

We've planned for a birthday gathering in the mountains for the weekend, my plans have changed. The A/C man is only available on Saturday so that throws a wrench in the plan for tonight, buuuut we're planning on taking the drive up on Saturday and spending the day. I'm excited, it's been months since we've been able to get out and have some fun. Maybe this is the weekend!  :)  I pray Mama MB feels better for this one.

So there ya have it, because I've gone on and on enough and I really need to read that book I'm working on. My book club friends are going to spread rumors that I suck at staying caught up with my reading.  I forgot to tell my Dingleberries, I finally finished reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.  Good stuff, I want to see the movie. Just to see what they kept and what the took out.  I was blown away by the ending though.  If you find yourself looking for something to read. Give it a shot, the same author also wrote "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"  I'm actually excited to check that one out!

OK OK I will stop, cya later Dingleberries and don't forget .....

Hang  in there!


  1. Gurl you frettin' over a blog post? Kick that chicken to the side of the road and do what you have to do! : ) Close the eyes, slowly count to ten, nap!

    Hope ya'll have a great time! Cheers to your new "HOME."

    1. Thanks Tim. The counting didn't ever work for me, I"m more of a deep breaths kind of gal, lols.

  2. Moving does suck. Glad you're settled, though. And I hope you stop itching!

  3. Hopefully in about a month or two all the newness will be settled down and life will seem normal again. Enjoyed the pictures today a lot. Hang in there girl.

    1. Thanks Odie. I'm excited for the slower more relaxing times as well. Just in time for the winter months too! :)


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