Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 251, 2012

It seems like forever since I've dyed my hair. It's making me crazy.  I've got dandruff and just yuck yuck yuck. Can't remember why I stopped for a little while.  Did I even mention that on here? 

Tuesday, September 11th

I've had a busy day today with posts, making no exceptions and attempting to get them all done. I hope you all enjoyed today's music and read my post for 9/11 today.  I hope you all sent out your well wishings and happy vibes for the world today. 

Watching some Tomb Raider right now, not one of my favorites.  I had no idea it had Gerard Butler in it though.  Then again I've never watched these movies. Guess Mr MB likes it, Angelina was never the hottest woman in the world, though I can understand why some men and women might think she is.  Must be the full, pouting lips?

So today was the boss lady's birthday. That must have been a shitty year back in 2001 huh?  Regardless we celebrated with some cake, ice cream and pizza. It was... nice.  She makes me crazy, but it was good to do something nice for her. For once!

I'm still working on reading "Where we Belong". It's a good book and hits home from time to time. Not personally of course but I've a bit more insight on how Mama MB might feel and my adopted brother.  You read that right, I've a brother, who lives in another state. Mama MB gave him up for adoption 20 something years ago. Some of you are aware already.  But he came into our lives, briefly some years ago and it didn't really last long.  I've never talked to him about how he felt or what he wanted out of the trip, but it is what it is.  I just hope he's happy in whatever he's doing these days. 

Well I've gone on and on enough, need to save something for tomorrow, ya know?  I hope everyone had a fantabulous day.  Till later,

Hang in there!


  1. I've never heard of 'Where We Belong', but I'd like to check it out.

    I used to have a friend who wore his adoption like a badge of 'you don't understand me' as if it had been some terrible thing. Mind you, his adoptive parents were smart, loving, and provided a very stable home for him and his two (also adopted) siblings. When he'd go on about how no one understands him and how tough it is for him, I'd usually say, 'Yeah, I know. My mom was adopted, too.' That usually stopped the 'woe is me' talk.

    There's an autobiography I read some years ago by a woman named A.M. Homes called, 'Mistress's Daughter' wherein she writes of finding out who her birth parents were. It's a tough, but interesting read.

  2. Hey there! I just came across your blog today and i'm cracking up. You especially won me over on the post with Simple Minds. I'm an 80's girl through and through. I'm a follower now for sure.

  3. Gosh I never thought of that, having 9/11 for a birthday would suck.


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