Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012 postings

Day 263
Monday, September 24th
It's been a pretty uneventful weekend. We didn't get into to very much. We did finally get into the new antique store in town. It's full of really awesome stuff. A few of those things I would have lived to have but of course when they find an "antique" store the prices are through the roof.

I know now what the cabinet I'm looking for is called, or what it's like. Called a hoosier style or something like that. I'm sure I'm the last to know about this one and what it is, but whatever.  I saw one online a while back and WANTED it from first sight. But 600 smackers is just too much for broke ole me! 

Day 264
Tuesday, September 25th
Didn't buy anything at the antique store though. So that's probably a good thing for my wallet!  :)

We did hit up the thrift store in Athens also. I've been searching and suffering through my wardrobe for clothes that look better for church. Being the only one (lady) in jeans each sunday kind of makes me feel weird. But I wore a dress last weekend and really felt like a jack ass the whole time I had it on. It's lucky to be hanging in the closet, because honestly. I hate that dress. Why is it you buy something off the rack and LOVE  it. Can't live without it and then you wear it twice, it's crap!

Day 265,
Wednesday, September 26th
So I was able to find me an adorable cute skirt, purple of course and an oh so awesome painting of a tree, with snow on it. It's a black curly looking tree with a blue back ground and white snow. I love it, will attempt to snap a shot of it tomorrow and share it with you all :)  Someone did a pretty nice job, I think. Better than I could have done anyways!

Day 267,
Thursday, September 27th
My uncle and his family was up for the weekend this weekend. I was able to spend some time with t hem at the family thing at my aunts house this afternoon. It's been a while since we gathered.

Also received a birthday invite for my cousins daughters 8th birthday. At the skating rink, also exciting. can't wait! I know Pokey will feel the same way!!  :)

Day 268,
Friday, September 28th
Other than that there wasn't much to talk about this weekend. Not much that I can remember anyway.

Nothing onTV so I spent some time outdoors. We planted the jasmine bush thing by the front porch. that was super fun!

Day 269,
Saturday, Septmeber 29th
So I'm not sure how I feel about these posting 365 posts one day a week. I guess it's as good as any other and easier to keep up with I guess. NOt so much the picture part of it, because I'm forced to keep up with the weeks and days and all as to not avoid and/or lose pictures from the week.

What are your thoughts?!

So I'm having some problems getting my Sunday picture to upload. But I'm going to go ahead and post for you all tonight and attempt to get todays picture uploaded in the morning... 

Until then,

Day 270,
Sunday, September 30th

Finally got this thing loaded, the interweb hates me this week.  But whatever. It 's on here.  Awesome!

Say good bye to Septmeber...Already?! Dang!

Hang in there!


  1. I think everyone had a quiet weekend. I hope you have a great week.

  2. I think I could never post 365 times! I don't even think we have 365 posts over the past 2 and a half years. But it's a cool format, and I think you're doing it well. As long as it isn't overloading you, that's all that matters.

  3. I agree with beer man Doria, what ever works for you when it comes to blogging!

    I don't think it matters at all what we wear to church, well nothing too revealing anyway.

    When I was young I strayed from religion for a while due to the clothing critics and hypicrites of the church nest. You know, the old ladies that will talk about everyone behind their backs!

    I grew up near a very poor neighborhood and that's where Mom's choice for church was, I went to school and had many friends from that neighborhood.

    A friend of mine from school, his brother and sister lived with their mother in a single parent home. Their Mom worked at a shirt factory and she did the very best that she could for her kids with not much help from anyone.

    Of course that's not good enough for some people. One day I over heard some older ladies talking about my friends because they wore old thrift shop clothes, they couldn't afford good thrift shop clothes! I lost my religion for a while because of people like that : /

    At least they were at church and not on the streets peddling drugs. Now that I am found again, I can forgive those knuckleheads for their treaspasses and ignorance. It's just so much easier to be nice. Peace

    Have a great day Doria!

  4. I have to say that I've never been in a church where what you wore mattered once you were past the first three pews in the front. And frankly, I don't think the God that sees me naked in the shower cares what I wear to church as long as it's clean and respectful.


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