Monday, October 1, 2012


So I've a random post for tonight.. Wait?  What? Random?  Me?  Never!   Just a short one though, because I'm tired.

So I haven't done any new house posts.. Well not many anyways. I'm actually quite annoyed and overwhelmed at times with the amount of space (or  lack there of at times). 

 The living room other than the book shelf is pretty much done... Pretty much!  It needs something on the walls, but that's always a problem I deal with. I can't ever seem to find something/anything I just love.  If I do then nothing matches it.  Maybe I could just place randomly all of the things I find on the walls.  Could be a new trend? 

I blogged about this one last night on my 2012 posts... I think. That one photo, Sunday's photo still isn't working for me.  I don't know what's wrong with it.  It keeps telling me I have to upload a picture or video... Uhm, what is it exactly you think my photo is dear Blog of mine? 

So this painting, no idea who painted it. We found it at the thrift store over the weekend.  I really love it. I'm sorry the lighting is so craptastic in my living room/bar area. 

It actually goes quite nice in the random spot I decided to place it.  I'm happy I found it and even happier that someone painted it and then donated it.  Awesome find!

OK OK, so I'm done talking about that ... Moving on.

I have an office space here at the new place.  Ya have read me blog about that a few times, recently asking you all to donate some artwork for my walls. I've a few pieces I'm excited to get on the walls. Check out this one.. Sissy MB actually drew this one for me!

Sissy MB can draw can't she?  I love this.  I think I may demand her add some color to it though. Ya feel me?! 

Don't forget I still want artwork from you all as well.  Email me ( kcdoe27(at)hotmail(dot)come )  and I will send over that mailing address :) Some of you are up for the challenge, because I've sent out my address, now I want the rest of you to hop to it.  Ya know ya wanna!

So another project of mine.. in the office.. I've no organization in that room.  I need more furniture and less furniture.  I can't stand this whole figure out rooms and stuff.    Here's all I got so far.  Did I mention I got a desk/table thing from Granny MB?  I love the piece just not sure what I'm feeling with it.  Ya can't really see it in this picture either.  I need shelves and book shelves ... or both? 

It's a mess... Don't judge me! 

So that's what I've got for you tonight. 

Hang  in there!


  1. Your office will be great when you finish with it.

  2. Surprised you found that painting in a thrift store of all places. It's quite well done.

    1. I know right! My thoughts exactly! ...Well sort of, along the same lines. You catch my drift. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Nice post and nice painting. When I read the heading of the post I was thinking "How can it be ? No monkeys? "
    but when I opened and started reading I realised whatever the topic or the situation is you can never ever forget to include them ! :)

  4. Call one of those HGTV design 911 shows to help! Maybe they'll send Johnathan Scott or some other handsome young man to redesign things for you. ME? No, my idea of design is dirty undies in the hamper.

    1. Those shows on HGTV are pretty kick arse. I watch them all the time, you think I'd have something better to go with by now, don'tcha. Grrr!

  5. Yes Sissy did great on that drawing. You have a work in progress there and it will all come together.

  6. I really dig the art from the thrift store and the Sissy MB's monkey. Well done her! My lil' monkey is done and waiting to be sent over to you.

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