Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt: Bea

Happy Thursday Dingleberries,
You didn't think I forgot about you today did you?  I know you wouldn't think something like that,
So some weeks ago I asked everyone for anything and everything they could come up with artsy for my new office.
Mind you it's still a work in progress!
I've actually received a couple of pieces so far. So I'm making this a two-fer, because honestly I can't quite remember what I've shared.  So there is nothing better for this weeks Thursday's MB than to share a gift (or two) for the MB!
Check em out!  Love em.. Cause I certainly do. I want to thank my two Dingleberries who took their time to send me something awesome!!
My first!  Gifted actually from Sissy MB.  That's right, I have an artist in the family.  I'm still planning to ask her to add some color.
Have I shared this one?
Most recently, all the way from far far away

I'm so happy these two have taken the time to throw something together for me to make my office a bit brighter!  If only I could get that place (the office) together!
It's  a damn mess I tell ya!

So my dear Dingleberries. You all know I want/need/love art for my walls. Do not hesitate to send me something, anything.  It doesn't even have to be good. Wait until you see what I draw for my walls!
That's going to be a funny post!
So email me and let me know if you'd love to send me something to.

Hang in there!


  1. -glad it arrived, but too bad it appears to have a wee smudge on it. Boo.

  2. I agree with CW, Sissy MB did a great job on that one.

  3. They look great and I am sure you will get something else in the mail real soon


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