Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweenie!

Happy Halloweenie!
It's been a good year for it this year.  The only exception being the cold. It's too cold.  By the time we made it back to the car, my fingers were frozen. If I had banged them on anything I'm sure they would have broken right off! 
Exaggeration, I know!  Whatever though.. Moving on..
We're home, warm and cleaned up.  Zombieland is on right now and he's beating the shit out of the clown with the big hammer thing.  It's awesome!!  My favorite part of the movie, because that clown is freaky as hell!
So we had a blast tonight, did I mention that?   I know  a few of you were expecting photos, so I snapped  few! 

Pokey looked awesome!

Then she turned on me!


This just in, beware of two female zombies waging war in the neighborhood! 
*not bad for our first time right? 


  1. Replies
    1. Zombie princesses are the scariest thing ever... ;)

  2. Zombie monkey butts...hmmm.... Just not a big Zombie person.

    BTW, our work had a costume contest and our shift had a vote on the best costume. Obama finished fourth behind a serial killer, a drag hula dancer, and Willie Wonka.

  3. Zombies! Don't eat my brains because there really isn't much there and it wouldn't fill you up!

  4. Excellent! I'm in the mood for a Zombie flick later on, now!!

  5. what a twist...a beautiful zombie!

  6. Glad you got back home, warmed up and cleaned up and safe. It was cold here too.


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