Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Music For A Tuesday: Sigur Ros

It's been a helluva Tuesday... I didn't make it into work this morning, damn car trouble.  My car sure does know how to mess up a perfectly good day!

It was such a hectic day with attempting to charge the battery and walk through the woods to borrow Papa MB's spare battery.  Way to start a day.  Took just long enough for it to be a waste of trip to take Pokey into school. Apparently it's pointless to bring kids in past 11am.  Is that normal?  I've never tried that before, so a first for me!

The end of that video was terrifying! 
So as I was saying, it was a helluva day. I'm getting ready to drag my butt to bed, but I didn't want to skip today's post.
Plenty of other posts to work on as well, but  I need sleep.
Totally pissed off that The Walking Dead comes on this weekend and I'm not going to be able to see it.  I hate Dish and AMC. How dare they not be available to me! 
In other, sadder news... I think that our buddy Rhino (the guinea pig) is sickly...Or something. I don't quite know. I hope he doesn't die
Good night Dingleberries, thank you all for your awesome comments on my 365 post.
Hang in there!


  1. Dingleberries! I'm hooked! Love your site.

  2. Hope the news that I put a little something in the mail for you today makes you smile.
    Might take a couple of weeks to get there but I hope you will love it when it arrives

    1. OoOoO exciting indeed, I know I will love it! Can't wait!


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