Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our weakly 365, 2012

Happy Sunday Dingleberries..

I'm a bunch of mixed feelings, heart aches and upsets stomachs. I'd love to blame hormones but I'm sure it's just the way I am.   The weekend was pretty good.  Spent most of Saturday at Mama MB's. Just hanging with her, letting the girls play.  Papa and Mr. MB stayed outside working on one of Papa's project trucks.  I stayed inside, cleaning and hanging/talking with Mama MB. She got out of bed around lunch or so and felt.....better.    The pain meds are helping, though I did hear her say today that she was still hurting.

I'm just glad she's out of bed.... eating and drinking. 

Monday, October 15th
It's been a week.  Something about the car ride up and down the highway. It really sucks!    Thought at the end of last week it was going to be a helluva week this week, what with Dr appointments and thought Granny MB said she would be going out of town with my aunt.  Which leaves me or my other aunt to take Mama MB to the Dr.  Granny MB told me the other day she isn't going. Let's see how that pans out.

I've a Dr appointment tomorrow, the first appointment with the OB.  I'm curious as to if they will do an ultrasound or not.  Shall see!

Tuesday, October 16th
We got news from Mama MB's Dr.   ...

They're going to do some radiation on the "somebigword" gland and on her back.  Those two are apparently close enough to where they can take care of them both at the same time.

Hopes are to shrink that down, it's swollen .. the gland and then maybe that will relieve some of her pains.

We're hoping. 

My aunt is also working on getting a second opinion lined up with the cancer center in Atlanta.  This is all pretty much hearsay at this point for me, because I haven't spoken to my aunt yet.  Just Granny MB over the phone.  Will keep ya posted!  I'm not asking questions with Mama MB because I don't want to push the issue of making her talk about it.  Is this wrong?

Wednesday, October 17th
So I forgot to take a photo of myself today. The week went to hell for me this week and there were a few days toward the end that I just didn't get the picture taken.

This is a lovely sunrise though.  I think perhaps this was me getting off the interstate heading to work. 

Thursday, October 18th
Another early morning.. It's getting cold around here these days.  I'm not loving it.  I guess it's getting cold everywhere in the US though I guess.  Some of you over seas are so lucky to be coming in spring and summer right?! 

Friday, October 19th

I thought for a second this was another sunrise, but I looked again and it's of the lake and the .. steam? ... coming off the lake.  That's a local fishing pond in the city! 

We haven't been yet, fishing isn't my favorite thing to do. I wonder why Papa MB hasn't gone here yet. Then again a lot of the fishing lakes have like no throw back policies and pay by the pound stuff.  We don't really eat fish. Guess that's a possible reason!

Saturday, October 20th
Forgot to take a photo... again.  But luckily Pokey was trying on this cute little hat thing at Grandma's. She doesn't look thrilled about being forced to pose for Grandma photos.  I will say, I miss them too. We haven't been down in so long, since the move. Due to negligence. They're always busy and so are we. Just when we think things will work out and we can go, something goes wrong. Never fails!  Luckily this week she did her exam's and had no work so we were able to go out for dinner!  It was a blast. 

It only got hard when having to talk to her about Mama MB's condition. She loves us all and Mama MB as well, so it seemed fair that she hear everything as well.  She was sympathetic and understood what and where I was coming from. For that I am glad.  Just hope it's not another couple months before I see them again!

Sunday, October 21st
Busy day today.. Busy in front of the washer machine, dryer and cleaning all the rooms.  It was much needed!  It's pretty crazy how this place seems to always be a mess.  Arg! 

Did a little home improvement today in the soon to be baby  MB room. (still need a MB kinda name)

Took this photo as I took a stroll over to visit with Mama and Papa MB.  Just to check in, hadn't been there all day.

Mama MB didn't seem to be in  a great mood today.  Grumpy from whatever reason. I didn't ask. Just held my tongue and played the patience card.  I'm good at that ya know!  It's hard , sometimes.

One more before I go, check out the picture I snapped on the stroll over to Mama MB's today!

It's our little pathway through the woods.  It's incomplete, but we were able to get these big wood things pulled out there! Mr MB blew all the leaves from the path. I miss the leaves a little, but it looks nice!

There ya have it Dingleberries.  My week of 2012.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I'm hoping to do better next week. I can't hang out in depression land. I gotta pull through this, because... it could always be worse!!

Hang in there!


  1. I think Mama MB will talk about the pain when she wants to, so you're wise to wait until she brings up the subject.

  2. It's not wrong to leave the topic alone until she wants to talk about it.

    I hope that radiation is going well on that 'somebigword' gland! Prayers and happy thoughts for you.

  3. I do the same with my Sissy Doria, if she wants me to know something, she will tell me. She is staying with one of my nieces up in northern Delaware (Close to the treatment center and doctors). I don't think they (nieces) would hold back telling me anything to spare my feelings, I'd break off some arms and beat them about the head and shoulders with said arm :0

    Hanging with your Mama, and Mr. MB helping Pop with his truck sounds like normal family time, back in the day with my Mom and Dad. It is important for them to know you are there for them.

    I'm sure at times, your Mama just feels uncomfortable, you can understand one getting a little testy at times going through all of this.

    My sister has one more round of radiation, then chemo starts 11/7. She sounded a little out of breath on the phone, and said she had minor burn (like sunburn) on her back from the radiation. That's a normal thing so I hear.

    She's still hanging positive, and that's all we can do Doria, be there for support, and whatever else they need.

    I continue to pray for everyone, the homeless, the hungry, the ill, and anything I can think to pray for, it helps hold me together also.


  4. "Somebigword" gland, LOL! I wonder if the big shot docs who come up with these names are ever insulted by us calling them thingamagigs or that one thing right below your (fairly well-known organ). Patience is a big part of what Mama MB prolly needs right now, you did good.

  5. I hope the radiation on the "somebigword gland" helps who comes up with these big long names that none of us can

  6. Really hope your Mum is on the up now :)

  7. This was a very good post Sweet Thang, and I really loved the sunrise picture a lot. Hope the rest of your week is awesome. Yes it could be a lot worse.

  8. good luck with all you have going on. I have never regretted the time I spent with my parents.


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