Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

So here we are, Wednesday again.  I'm sure you're thinking, what's left of it.  If not then it's just me thinking that.  It was a busy day for me today with work and all. Yesterday really threw a wrench in my work week. But that's OK, because of that this week is going by pretty quickly now! 
So how were you all doing today dear Dingleberries. The weather started off crappy cold this morning but did manage to warm up to bearable for a bit later in the day... It's cold again!
So before I forget, I'm linking up with Little Daisy May with What I'm Loving Wednesday. Check out, ya know... as soon as you're done here! 
Here's what I'm Loving...

I'm Loving that as of right now I've no serious commitments for the upcoming weekend ::Excited::  Something about spending time at home seems like a fabulous weekend.
I'm Loving that even though I just said that above we did plan to try a place in town called The Savory Spoon.  Also exciting.
I'm Loving these awesome shoes!  OMIGAWD!
I'm Loving .. We've started watching Halloween Wars!

I'm Loving .. these adorable Pinterest Finds ... Found here

I'm Loving ... This adorable little monkey!

Always a blast, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Hope you made it over the hump as smoothly as I managed..  Till next time
Hang in there!


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  1. Hey there girl, hope you get to rest up this weekend along with trying out that restaurant. Enjoyed your pictures a lot.


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