Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Music For A Tuesday

At a loss for ideas and this came to mind today. I stumble upon this one a while back over at The Ginger Blog Man and just fell in love with it instantly.  I've now added Grimes to my Pandora player so I can randomly hear them throughout the day. I love it!

So while you're listening to that, I'm going to cram in a Random Tuesday while I'm at it!  :) Excited aren't you?

Torn as to if I want to start with the happy or not so much...  I hate to even bring in the not so happy stuff.  so maybe I wont!

But I will show you a couple of other photos I have for the day!

Saw this on my walk home from Mama MB's this afternoon. I guess in all the days past I've been so busy that I haven't "stopped to smell the flowers" so to speak. It's  water lily I think is what it's called.  I though it was lovely and it made me think of you my dear Dingleberries!

It's been another hellish days today.  One of my co-workers called me last night and said he was no longer employed with the company. I couldn't/can't believe it.  It's insanity.  The fact that the company let him go, for the BS reasons listed and stated. Just blows my mind. I know we're  a right to hire, right to fire state. But what.the.fuck.  He was such a good employee and yes he'd been in a slump as of lately and had developed a nice attitude and a certain " i hate my job" feel but we all do that. 

To fire someone, who has put their blood, sweat, tears and time into the company. Bent over backwards and lost so much time and sleep in their normal lives.  To just fire them like that?  I've lost all respect for those people  I call my bosses. It breaks my heart really!

Pokey had her first parent/teacher conference today.  Unfortunately on my way there I manage to catch a nice speeding ticket!  I was really kinda pissed off about that. I haven't gotten a ticket in like 5 years or something. It's total BS that she caught me speeding. Not that it's any excuse and I shouldn't be bitching.. But in my defence.. I thought I was out of the school zone, I was following with the other vehicles in front of me. What do they call it?  Staying with the flow of traffic and well I just don't think I should have to suffer this blow.  It's bullshit I tell you! 

They put a court date on the ticket.. You bet your sweet ass I'm going to be sitting in that court room on December 5th.  I hear if you go to court it will most likely be reduced and if the cop doesn't show it can just get thrown out!  ::fingers crossed::

With all of that up there, I guess  I did share the not so good, but it all started out like this!!

Up early (the norm) and left early for work this morning.  Being late on Monday and then leaving early on Tuesday. Has a certain way of affecting how much money I have at the end of the week. Which is usually none.

Tina (my car) is being a POS this week. No idea why. Something...electrical?  I have no idea.  All I know is I reallllly need a new to me car.  Not something typical for me to say but I think it's true!

I had no idea the Mazda 5 was a minivan?  Has it always been that way?  I'm in love with the Mazda 3.  In love with it!  So there you have an early morning sunrise in Georgia!

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS Tuesday, all in all. Mine was OK. Something about those short days at work. Really makes the day better! 

Hang in there!


  1. Is that how speeding tickets work there? I'm pretty sure you have absolutely no chance of getting a ticket reversed here.

  2. About 15 years ago I got a ticket for speeding and hadn't had a ticket for anything in about 25 years at that time.

    I did go to court and ask the judge to place my charge on the stet docket. That is admitting your guilt, however on the stet docket, if you are caught again within a year, you can be charged for that ticket and the new ticket. If you are clean and ticket free for the year, it is removed.

    My plea to the judge was to keep the points off of my license to keep a spot free driving record. It worked in my case.

  3. We have something called NOLO. I've never actually filed that. I think it's suppose to do the same thing.. You won't get the points, you still pay the fine! :/ I'm hoping they will be like, oh you know you wasted your time sitting in court all day. Let me throw you a break. I checked this morning and I may still be in the zone but def away from the school. Sucks!

  4. Don't you just hate it when that stuff happens? Hope you can work your way out of that ticket.

    1. Gawsh me too, I drove through today and she (the cop) was just outside the school zone! Grrr!


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