Thursday, October 11, 2012


It's rant time... Rant time is on..

My screen was sitting on the MSN site after logout from my email and suddenly there is a slap in my face.  A post about "pinktober".

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about breast cancer awareness. I'm all about early detection. I'm all about finding a cure and helping fight this awful sickness.

We all know that.

My mother is in a fight for her life with her breast cancer. Most of you have seen me post many, many, many times.  Her battle with this and her ups and downs as well as my own.

So I'm reading this post about "pinktober" and one woman's tale.  She is state IV which is the incurable stage.  (Also where Mama MB is) and she goes on to say how much she hates October. How she can't wait until the month is over. That this month is a slap in her face because she can't be cured. Because hers, like Mama MB's, cancer is far to gone to be controlled...

This slaps me in the face.. I cry daily over my moms sickness. That one day I could possibly lose my mother, not because she's old, not because she has lived a long full life and seen her great grand kids run through her house.  I might lose her because of this monster called breast cancer.

I have a friend who constantly posts things about disliking Komen and this and that foundation for breast cancer.

I can't find the fault in raising awareness. I don't see it as a ploy to gain more income by mammograms and testings. I can't see that,.

Breast cancer is real. Breast cancer kills. I'm sorry it's a slap in her face that we're raising it up and raising awareness.

My heart bleeds and my tears run for this woman and Mama MB and every other woman who will die from this.

But we can't feel bad for supporting  what could be a good cause. For what might help at least raise awareness and tell women. Hey this is real. This is something I should keep in check. Because we're all possible victims of this monster.

We want to say, and I've said it myself. Ahhh that can't happen to me.  Well it did. My Mama MB has breast cancer, an incurable breast cancer and I could lose her because of it.  I will continue to walk and raise awareness and women if you're battling cancer.. If you can get out and walk a walk, Do it.. Do it for yourself and raise awareness because our kids need that!  Mama MB might not be where she is right now if we'd raised awareness 2 years ago.

You don't have to wear pink ribbons to raise awareness. But you have to be involved. What have you got to lose?


  1. Diseases like cancer strike good people, like your mother I am sure, but it also afflicts scared weak little people who would rather bring attention to their pain rather than the important issues relevant to the whole. It happens. Knowing she is so hate filled and these are her last days I think I will be that beautiful mirror I know how to be... I most def will wear pink everyday the rest of this months if in no other extra hopes other than raising the awareness of such an important cause, but I might actually come into view of said woman and make her day. Care to join me MB?

  2. The "C" word has been one to place fear in the minds and hearts of so many for so long and I feel so sorry for that lady. I know we have to do what the doctors think will affect the disease but at the same time we have to also "know" that we serve a God who is bigger than any disease and pray that his will be done in Mama MB's life. I certainly will be praying for her as I am sure lots of others in the blog world are. Hang in there sweet thang.

  3. Mrs. Penwasser walked the walk this past weekend (her mother died of breast cancer at 44 in 1981).
    The poor woman could hardly walk, her blisters were so extreme and she will probably lose her big toenails. But, she said she'd do it again because she said it was one of the most meaningful things she's done..
    I should join her next year.
    Check that...I will join her next year.

  4. If men got breast cancer you can bet more funding would be allotted to finding a cure.

  5. Actually men do get breast cancer. The progression of treatments and new approaches change everyday. That's why stem cell research is so important. Let's all pray for a real cure to end the suffering, once and for all. Peace

  6. Some guy at work was complaining about guys wearing pink shirts at Vera Bradley (us temp workers all have to wear temp shirts, but if you buy a pink one they double the price and give half to breast cancer). I thought, now I'm no the type to wear pink myself- but it doesn't mean you can't donate and say, keep the shirt.


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