Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Ya'll. Here we are again, already. I was complaining earlier (no my other blog) about not having any ideas on what I would share this week.  It took me few minutes to get it all together, but randomly I've placed this awesome blog for you today.  So sit back and enjoy What I'm Loving this Wednesday and don't forget to check out This Kind of Love where it all began!  :)

I'm Loving... 

I'm Loving the news regarding the oven issue a few months ago. I say these photos should drop some serious hints on the subject... Just sayin'!

I'm Loving it's Zombie month.. I'm not loving Dish and AMC for not being able to watch The Walking Dead this year!  Bastards!

I'm loving it's breast cancer awareness month!  Pass it on, raise awareness!!

I'm loving it's October. That means pumpkins and Halloween and changing leaves.  I hate cold weather, but I love the fall. Weird how that works?

I'm loving you guys and my friends and family.  For always being here and there and everywhere!  

I'm loving those who are willing to send me art for my MB office!

I'm loving that I've finished this post.

Lastly, I'm loving this adorable monkey I received in my email today!  Thanks Odie!

Hang in there!


  1. Really digging that pumpkin carving, that's the kind of stuff I want to learn more of in culinary school. I love the artwork and detail. Wish I had pictures of the watermelon basket that I did while working at The Market Street Inn. The other chef's there were beside themselves upset when the owner came back from the catered event and only mentioned that everyone loved my watermelon basket ; ) Too bad they were buttheads, I could teach them a thing or two myself.

  2. I love breast cancer awareness month too! I love that everything is pink as well. How is your Mum doing btw?

  3. Love that pumpkin. Wish I was that creative.

  4. I don't why, but when I look at that pumpkin I think 'Viking Pumpkin'. :D

    In other news, your monkey card was sent off today.


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