Monday, October 8, 2012

365, 2012

Hello my dear Dingleberries,

It's time for my weekly posting of 365 postings, a day late, I know but whatevers. I'm running it through today because whatever that creative post I was working on earlier, it's gone now.  Riddled with bad feelings and an upsets stomach. Big surprise there... So where were we.  FYI I can't seem to upload these photos onto facebook anymore, wonder if the album is full or something. I'm pretty sure facebook hates me!  Has anyone friended the MB on facebook? I'm at itsamonkeybutt ... I guess is how you could search for that, ha ha. 

Day 271,
Monday October 1st
Oh well moving along. I've recently found a show called Halloween Wars.  I'm pretty much loving it. Anyone else seen it? 

It's on one of those food channels, food is looking good these days but nothing seems like anything I want to be eating on!  Which is unfortunate! 

They're working on these super awesome pumpkins and cakes and all sorts of things. It's really awesome, or so I think anyway!!

Day 272,
Tuesday October 2nd

Speaking of food stuff, we went to a Taste of South event tonight at Pokeys school. They're showcasing their lovely gardens at school and also their local farmers markets. 

I'm so happy to see the classes growing things, having a garden and compost bins and everything else. It's really awesome for me, because I love that.  Where we moved from they didn't do things like this. The school food sucks, everywhere, but at least they are attempting to teach the kids, hey food doesn't always suck and I guess really it's the parents fault for sending them to school with money to purchase said nasty school food.  Live and learn I guess.

Day 273,
Wednesday, October 3rd

The book of face reminded me today that the new season of Walking Dead starts in 6 days!  6 DAYS!  This is  load of shit. I'm so mad at Dish Network for not offering AMC. And  if it's not their fault then I'm so mad at AMC. It's probably best of me to just be angry at both of them, because they can't come to the middle with this little problem. Bull shit!

I so desperately want to watch it this season and they're going to mess that up for me. Way to go MB getting the worst satellite company EVER!  Always knew I didn't want the dish.

Rant over....

Day 274
Thursday, October 4th
Work has been the normal, OMIGAWD please make the day end.  I was reminded today that there isn't anyone there I can talk to.  By that I mean rant and rave and piss and moan.  We're back to the trust no one days.


Day 276,
Saturday, October 5th

So as you may have noticed I forgot my picture for Friday ::facepalm:: I'm not loving that.

We were so fortunate as to do some more yard work stuff over the weekend and while moving some cement thing they had ran through the yard for the a/c drain we found this little snake. No idea what kind of snake it is and I know the picture isn't that great.

We had some sunshine for a bit on Saturday. Mr MB did scoop him up and toss him into the woods though.  Here's to hoping he/she doesn't make anymore appearances around here and I especially do not want to see Mama Snake. I hate snakes, not as much as spiders. But I hate snakes.  Speaking of spiders... There is one in the bathroom... I've lost him/her. I saw it hiding in the corner this morning and saw him/her sneak into the crack at the ceiling.. It's gone now.  I'm not loving that!!

Day 277,
Sunday, October 6th
So here I am at the end of another post. So far it's a random mess, but ya know MB has to have at least one of those in a week.

I'm working on the award post, GBM tagged me in an award last week or so and somehow I've gotten carried away and busy at work and just haven't gotten it all done.  I think I've actually done something to where I'm going to have to start over, because copy and paste came over all wrong :/ Bummer!  I did want to say many thanks for the award though and expect to see it posted this week.

Mama MB is feeling .... OK. It's required lately that she take the pain meds. I just wish they would work better. That her pain would get better. I guess maybe she has hit a point in her treatments and illness where things will be painful. They're blaming age and arthritis and the likes, but this doesn't seem possible. Usually those things are better controlled, where it's at right now.  she hurts all over and though the meds seem to help it's not going away.

Keep those thoughts and prayers coming, mine are going out into the world still for my Dear Dingleberries and their struggles.  :))

Hang in there!


  1. So many people seem to be struggling as we slide into Fall. Yep, I'll hang in there.

    1. Yea, I think it's just the way it goes!

  2. Great way of compiling your posts together I think! I remember growing things like cress, grass and tomatoes in the classroom!!!

    1. Yea I'm liking it at times and then other times I'm missing the daily posts.

  3. Weather changes can be painful for people with arthritis. It's been cold here this week. Went from highs in the upper 80's to upper 50's overnight. Prayers for all, along with well wishes continue. Peace

    1. Yea we're stuck in the 60's now and cooler at night.. Hating it! Thanks Tim :)

  4. I believe there is a limit on the number of photos you can put into one album on Facebook. Don't recall what the cut off is; last year, we had to make 4 separate albums of our vacation photos. Then, I think the max was 200.

    1. I think you're right, but it seems to want to give me a brain ache. I can't seem to see the entire album, like it won't scroll that far down. Oh well!

  5. Always great to see your smiling face no matter what the agenda is. I have you on my facebook and enjoy seeing you there. I also think its great that schools are having compost bins and teaching very young children the importance of doing one. I follow a school in Ann-Arbor MI named Summers-Knoll Elementary School and they just had a post showing where they just received 1,000 red wigglers to add to their compost bin and they put the scraps from their lunch in there as well. It sure is a lot different than it was when i was in school. Hope you are having a great week as it's tuesday night seeing this.

    1. Thanks Odie. Yes I'm actually in the market for a compost bin as well, I would love to grow somethings this year. Lots of research needs to be done for me though. I'm a city girl, no idea where to start!


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