Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Music For A Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Dingleberries.  I'm blogging at work. With work on Saturday, dinner with friends and then Sunday's dinner with the 'in-laws' and then their visit to the new house.  It's been a few days for me. I'm feeling bummed about this, among other things.  We had a nice weekend though.  I loved being able to spend some time with E. I haven't seen her in months.  She's always been a special lady in my life. She's a good bit younger than me, so she was always like a baby sister to me!  Plus some great news, she is also expecting her 2nd bundle  of joy. Due like the same day I'm due. How sweet is that?

So this may be a half way updater post.. I've so many things to post.  Though I feel slightly bad that I'd be doing that with my Tuesday post. Oh wait! I can call it random Tuesday as well.  That's a thing.. Isn't it?  Plus you can sit and listen to the music as you're reading.  It works!!  :)

Mama MB had a bad night last night. She's really getting bad a lot of time lately. (Un)Luckily she is on her pain meds and can't understand  or see my tears as I listen to the cruel things she says. The nasty way she talks to those she loves. The moans and cries that escape her lips. As she calls out one of her sister or  brothers for help. It's killing me to watch this. There has to be something that can be done. Something that can help, something to find her some  peace while she goes through this rough patch!  We're considering a nurse or possibly some hospice. But honestly a facility would really benefit Mama MB at this point.   So that is what I'm struggling with at this point. I was bad last night and went off on one of my rants and uproars about how unfair life and sickness is. I didn't share it with blogger though.  Did I mention I've started a more private blog so that certain members of my family can't peer into my moments of insanity!  If you're interested  let me know!  We're at a point right now, with Mama MB.  We don't feel as though we can care for her the best she needs right now.  Ya know what I mean? Like there is something better for her. We're trying, so hard. We love her so much, but she's fighting tooth and nail right now.  Everyone is trying to kill her with medicine.  But it's everything they've prescribed to her. Ugh!
They ran pink newspapers this weekend.  Cute right?

I'm sorry!!

I snapped a photo yesterday: Doesn't compare It's so cold here right now. Hurricane Sandy is really throwing a fit isn't it. My thoughts and well wishings for those in the Northern States who are getting hit really hard right now. I really hope they get them comfortable as well.  It's a crazy time right now. I hope this isn't a sign that the winter is going to be terrible, again.  I don't want another terrible winter. But those bug haters out there will sure appreciate it!  

Almost done! Don't give up yet ;) 

Tomorrow  is Halloween. We're (Pokey and I) are planning to dress as zombies.  Child zombies are the scariest shit ever. Am I right or what? But Pokey completed her masterpiece of a pumpkin Sunday morning. I think she did a fabulous job and we love it!
Happy Halloween 2012

And lastly, see I told you I was close to being done with today's post.  You guys are happy I'm all caught up now (with the exception of 2012 postings) ...

Saturday, while out to hit the PO box and go vote I was super excited to get to the PO box. I had a note telling me I'd something too large to fit into my box. Exciting right!?!?!  Remember my constant nagging about needing art for the MB cave?

Check it out. ..

Isn't it beautiful? It came all the way from Mynx in Australia. I love it!  It's my 2nd  piece from her.  She does some really awesome work. Go check her out. Much love dear Mynx, thank you for honoring me with an awesome piece of art for the MB walls!

For those of you who haven't sent me anything, what the frak yo?  Leave me a message here with your email addy, we can set up an email so I can get you my mailing address or here ya go, email me . whatsonyourmindmonkeybutt(at)gmail(dot)com

There ya have it my dear Dingleberries. If you've made it this far. You deserve a medal or something. You rawk!

- Hang in there!


  1. Love the pink papers!!!! Really hope your Mum's pain settles.

    1. The pink paper was/is really cool. Thanks Rebecca! :)

  2. Excellent pumpkin!!! Did I miss something? Are you preggers??? You said your friend is due the same day as you. I hope you are getting your emotions out when you need to. If you keep them in you will only feel worse. I'm keeping your Mama in my prayers.

  3. Such an ordeal for you and your family. My dad fell asleep in his chair and passed away a few years back. I've always felt bad that I didn't get to say goodbye, but I think what you are going through is much worse--seeing a loved one decline in pain. I think Mama Monkey Butt is very fortunate to have you around. I wish you peace.

    1. That would be really hard as well, I'm so sorry! :/ Thanks for your well wishings Stephen!

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  5. -love the artwork! Mynx is super talented.

    Thinking of you and Mama MB,

  6. I messed up my first comment, just leave it to me1

    Man, it's really hard to comment on a post like this without a tear in my own eye. ((((Doria))))

    Reading your blog and being facebook friends for quite some time, seeing your Mom comment on your facebook posts, I knows she loves you all so much.

    It would be easy to say that it's just the drugs talking. I'm sure most of her frustrations come from knowing, the pain she knows her loved one's are going through, from the pain she is suffering, whether you think she can see your tears or not, she knows your tears are there.......

    God Bless

    1. You're a good friend Tim :) I'm glad you're still hanging around the MB. I know you know too well what I'm going through. I hope all is well with you!!

  7. Firstly - big, huge heaps of congratulations on your pregnancy - I'm thrilled for you! Having not been about these past few weeks, I've blogs to catch up on, ect. I'll also sort out the e-mail stuff, too!

    Doria - my thoughts go out to you and your family. I think a bit of respite would do both the family and your mum some good. I remember my mum-in-law was the same on medicines when she was in the nursing home - even the nurses were being called 'dirty whores' and such like. My heart goes out to you. You're quite a trooper, lady, but there's nothing wrong in looking after No.1 for a bit. Take care and I'll pop back soon!

    1. Thanks Helena, for your kind words, congrats and stopping by~ Hope to see you pop back soon!! :)

  8. .....and tell Pokey her pumpkin is super-spooky and I'll love to see the zombie pics after Halloween! Have fun...xxx

  9. I am so sorry that your mum is going through a bad patch at the moment. It must be particularly hard considering you are dealing with all the hormones and stuff that happen with being pregnant (congratulations, that is really wonderful news)
    So happy that that the little mermaid made it safely to your home and I hope she brings you smiles
    Big hugs lovely lady

    1. Thank you Mynx, I love the little mermaid, she def has a way of making me smile!! :)


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