Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Very Happy New Year...

It rawked me to my core when the realization struck me that 8 years ago today my darling Pokey came into this world. 
Happy New Years to us!
I will spare you the details of child birth or the story of the days leading up to Pokeys arrival, I just thought I would share this special day with everyone.  I know New Years is an exciting time to get out into the city and party with those who are important.  I must admit I have not done that in 8 years!  Nice right?
Ya know I also must admit, I'm OK with that (don't judge me) I'm not sure at what point I became an "Old" but I think I can officially be called "An Old".  Should this bother me?  Yea, it doesn't.
So we sit here, year after year, ringing in the New Years at home, wearing funny hats and loud horns and when they say "3.2.1. we say Happy Birthday"  and we all love it.
I remember last year (New Years 2011), and I never want to forget this, Pokey wraps her arms around my neck and says "I love my birthday on New Years" , "Why Pokey" I say, "Because I always get fireworks" she says with a smile and another hug.
So here we are, ringing in the New Year (Happy Birthday) with a birthday celebration to finish it all off.
So I hope you all rang it in the best you could, stayed as warm as possible and aren't too hung over.
Happy New Year (2012) Dingleberries...
Happy Birfday Pokey!


  1. you will live a long happy life ringing in the new year like that, happy birthday to miss ray, and happy new year to you, ray and pete. i love you all, forever- mom and nana

  2. Happy Birthday Pokey and Happy New Year to you all.

  3. What a Dolling!

    Lawd, even when I was a big party boy I never went out much on new year's eve, it's more expensive and I always thought it was the night the rookie drinkers went out!

    I'm just plain lucky to still be alive let alone never a DUI or killed someone else because of my stupid decisions. I have been blessed.


  4. Thanks Mom

    Happy New Years Starlight and Pokey had an awesome birfday this year!

    Tim, I'm glad you haven't killed yourself either. I hope you had an awesome New Years though!


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