Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt

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This week I'm sharing something a bit different. Tuesday's Music Post stemmed this idea for me, considering my unforgettable love of Korn and their music I'm sharing one of the band members, Munkey. 

He's damn adorable if you ask me and a rocker for sure!  His dreads all awesome and fabulous, excuse me for a minute!

For those who haven't given Tuesday much thought and have no heard much from the likes of Korn, take some time and check it out. If you've any interest in Dubstep, which is what they are now or the older stuff has more of a heavy metal twang I guess. I'm into all of it, because I guess, when you just love a band it kinda sticks and it doesn't really matter what changes they make or how drastic their music changes, ya just kinda love them.  Kinda like real love situations I guess.

Damn Love and it's ability to make our lives HELL! ;)

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