Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 8, 2012

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Happy Friday and it's the 13th.   I hope everyone had a lovely day with no crazy drama to deal with. Everyone who needed their cars towed today acted like total retards and got on my nerves whenever possible.  One jackass called me, all frantic because she drove her trail blazer up over and fire hydrant.  Said she was worried her car was going to sink, what a retard!!!  That wasn't PC was it. I'm sorry!

OK OK so it's been a long day. I wanted to blog, because I hate trying to play catch up and I'm trying to at least do OK with this. I need to blog more on my farewell postings but that will just have to wait. I've no idea what channel is what and no intentions of surfing through them only to find nothing..  Goodnight and see you tomorrow! 


  1. Excuse me, as I am new here, but are you a 9-1-1 operator?

  2. Gold Rush- I work at a towing company, I'm the dispatcher. It's awful though Im not sure if it would be as bad as a 911 operator! Hmmm, I did try out for a job like that one though. Didn't get it. Damn! :)) Welcome, glad you are here :)

  3. I'm the most un-PC person there is on my blog (is that a word?). Glad to see other like minded people since blogging is our own domain!!


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