Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 7, 2012

Day 7, Thursday January 12th

Well all in all it was a Happy thursday. I'm attempting with this project to make sure my days are stand alone so that maybe there won't be any confusion this year. LOLZ. It's still early in the project though. I've already noticed a couple of thins I'm doing differently and I'm just not sure I like it.  Thank Gawd there is always room for tweeking!  :) 

I had fun with this one, don't know why I didn't get the chance to get online last night and post all about it. I had this crazy thought on the way home about taking multiple pics for the day and sharing them.  I did it.  though the idea seemed better in my head I think.  bwhahah... Oh wells, something new of the day.

Taco night last night and terrible stomach pains for some reason, I'm still not sure what those are about.  I'm hopeful it passes soon. Im considering PMS (sorry for TMI) as well as diet.  Just not sure yet.....


  1. Take 3 looks like a happy face : ) Have a happy weekend Doria and family! I'm sooo bored I need to get back to work, isn't that sick when I can't wait until I retire?

    Too bad unemployment isn't for life, or I'd attach myself to it like a crack Ho's lips to the pipe :O

  2. Yea I was pretty happy to be heading home, thats for sure. I can understand the whole needing to get back to work. I hate work most of the time, well you know I bitch enough, but still Id go nuts sitting at home.... lolz... Crack Hos... Happy Weekend to you Tim!


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