Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2011, Farewell. (part 3)

Welcome back Dingleberries....  It's part 3 here. I think I've  a few new followers so far, so allow me to WELCOME those who are new!  Comment below so everyone knows you ;)  I'm glad you are here and hope you enjoy a day in the life of a Monkey Butt.  I'm excited for this new year, 2012. I've already so many great ideas I can't wait to test out.  But that is for another time.  So new folks, click here and here for my part 1 and part 2 of wrapping up 2011.  Enjoy and hurry back to this one...  

July 2011

So peaceful.  Went for a hike.  I love summer!

Tank tops and sun shine...I don't need anything else, well except for my Pokey <3

Yea it looks like I may have done NOTHING for the 4th of July this year (2011) . If I'm not mistaken Pokey was with her Dad and I was just chillin.  Prolly up to no good, or sitting on my arse at home. Though I bet the family did a cook out thing or something. Ah I wish I could remember everything :) 

August 2011

Oh yea, almost forgot... bridesmaid in a wedding.  It was in NO WAY the highlite of my summer.  The wedding was BEAUTIFUL, the bride, the groom, the wedding party. I however was not happy in my dress or the fact that my heels were sinking in the ground making my already clumsy ass feel even more out of place. It was definitely an experience and a lovely one at that. Honored she chose me, but honestly I don't know if I want to ever be a bridesmaid again, ever! 

Tee Hee... Rehab concert. BEST ONE EVER!  lolz. I didn't have permission from the 2 fun stickered face folks, so they got fun stickers. Lucky Mr Monkey Butt doesn't mind!  We had a blast and I drank a little too much, again. 

We spent time at the parks in August as well.  The summer was quickly approaching an end and looks like I attempted to make the best of it whenever possible.  Yays! 

September 2011

Camping... It was......AWESOME.  Can't wait to do it again for 2012 and maybe... just maybe go a bit more prepared for camping. Hoping there won't be rain next time!
More camping Fun with the family.
Well from the looks of it I wrapped up my summer quite nicely. I'd say all in all it was a very very awesome summer. Great times with great friends, great time with awesome family and a lot of sunshine and tanning lotion. 

Did I mention I love summer?  More than any other season, EVER?  Well just in case you forgot.

So with that I leave you until next post. I think it will be the wrap up of 2011 and well I hope you've enjoyed it so far.  Goodnight Dingleberries.

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  1. Very good recap of events. Congratulations! I just love the rehab concert photo, you both look so very happy, even if you did have a snoot full LoL Peace


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