Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 17, 2012

January 23rd. 2012
I suddenly have the feeling like I've missed a day or something. Like I've forgotten to post something with my 365 days already. It's day 17, this isn't a good time to start feeling this way. So early in the project and all. 

I've  a few other posts I need to pound out for this week. I'm hoping to accomplish that this week. I need to wrap up my 2011 farewell and work on a few other drafts I have saved up.  Given permission from another blogger again to blog his blog of awesomeness.  I can't wait to share it with you Dingleberries.    I enjoy finding other people in the blogging world and sharing their work. It fills space on my blog at times, gives me a creative push, sometimes I lack that ya know and well it spreads the word about bloggers that you all may not stumble on by yourselves.  How fun is that.

So it's been a Monday. I can't wait to get off and pick up Pokey. Mr. Monkey Butt had the day off today so it will be nice to go home and spend time with him as well. I bet Maximus had fun having someone to hang with today.  It's too bad Mr Monkey Butt may have to work Saturday now though.  That's not much fun!

Well Dingleberries, I'm sure you've seen and heard enough from me in the last 2 days. With this I leave you, till tomorrow, Hang in there!

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