Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 1, 2012

Well here we are again Dingleberries,

You all know the drill, I begin this project with high hopes that it will go smoothly and I won't forget to ever update it or anything like that.   Yea, that's how it's going to work this year too.

It's 2012, a New Year and a new start to this project. I've got high hopes, again, and I think I can do it this time. I'm not sure how I will feel about it come 2013, but hey, we will worry about that then, right?

So for those who don't know or aren't sure, here's the name of the game and the rule....

Take a picture of yourself every day for an entire year - abstract, upfront, happy, crazy, ugly, whatever. Its a lesson in personal growth and an eye-opening experience to see how you change every day!

 It shouldn't be too hard to weed through and check out my 2011, if you'd like. If not, that's cool then, feel free to tag along with me and this new year journey with my camera! 

So here we have it,

Day 1, (Jan.6th,) 365 days of 2012

Well hello day 1.  I have to say you weren't too bad?  I'm starting to feel a bit left out in this world, what with all the technology and being overlooked as the interwebz on the IPhone takes over the world.  I guess  I can't say much as I sit here and tell you all about it on my faithful lappy top. 

Work sucked, we lost a driver today. Guess he finally got hired on at the job he applied for and is no longer with us.   I guess I can say good for him.  Gotta do what ya gotta do, right?

So with this I leave you. Happy New Year, I've many other blogs to be posting as well as reading.  I'm trying!  I'm trying!  It's going to come together nicely, I'm sure of it :)  Right?

Till next time, hang in there Dingleberries :) 


  1. I'm probably going to get a camera around the end of the month. I've seen some Kodaks that come with an easy layout and even print your own picture. But I just heard Kodak might be going bankrupt and will likely go belly up grrr

    Gonna have to do a little research I guess.

  2. I want a really nice camera Tim, something awesome :)


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