Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 20, 365 days of 2011.

Thursday, January 26th, 2011
I've gotta keep this short and sweet tonight. The lap top battery is DYING.  I spent the beginning of my Internet time uploading some new music to the ipod!

Can you believe it?  I have an ipod now. My very first one.  It made that 1 hour on the gazelle (exercise gadget) a hell of a lot less painful, well the knee pain aside.  How will I ever be able to run a mile and something in 15 mins with knee pain?  UGH!!!

But I'm just glad I spent an hour on the machine. I need to build the muscle and lose the weight.

I'm off to bed now, I'm tired and like I said, battery dying.  Hang in there Dingleberries, I'm sure I will be caught up tomorrow with my reading!  :)) 


  1. I dont think I could live without my ipod. It is with me all the time. Totally addicted I confess

  2. I need to get some exercise myself, getting doughy!

  3. Hope you had a nice day and that you'll like your new toy :)


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