Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2011, farewell. (finale)

October 2011

Punkin' Carvin'

Pumpkin carving and pumpkin patching is the best part of October I think.  A lot of good times picking out pumpkins and stencils to choose from. 
Wicked Witch? Nah! Never!

Halloween!  WE LOVE HALLOWEEN and it's not all about the candy. OK OK it is mostly about the candy, but whatever.  We had such an awesome time trick or treating this year.  With the most awesome people and Pokey had a blast.  I have to say of  her 7 years of trick or treating this was the best, so far!  We really enjoyed ourselves!

November 2011
Thanksgiving Feast!

So I put on my brave face and hosted the Thanksgiving holiday at our new apartment.  It was a house warming slash dinner thing. It was so much fun and so stressful but very tasty. I'm glad we did it and hope we will do it again in years to come. If the Moms will let me!  :)  They tend to out cook me by a lot!!!

who says you can't get a tree on a Camry?! Pft!

Our family, though kind of large tends to have a dinner as well, where we eat dinner (again) and draw names for everyone.  If ya remember we didn't draw for the adults only the kids and it was interesting not to let the cat out of the bag that the adults were giving all the monies to my parents for Mama Monkey Butts medical bills.   

We did hit the Home Depot  and got our Christmas tree. Tradition for  us is to put it up the day after Thanksgiving.  I think we did OK with that this year.  Got it done anyways!   I love the smell of real Christmas trees.  I love it. It makes the season all worth while! 

**In other news the really exciting part of November, not only did I hit the big 30.  Twilight Breaking Dawn premiered on my birfday and of course Lykke Li show a few days later.  Best birfday ever!  of all my concerts in my 30 years of life, Lykke Li may have been the best. May have been the one that will stick with me forever. I love her music on my cds it was something far better in concert.  If any one of you ever have the opp to see her perform, do it, you won't regret it. Her voice will just melt your soul!**

December 2011

 Our new little addition to our small family.  He was so cute then wasn't he?  He's still cute, definitely a lot better to deal with. Not all scared and shit!  Well still scared sometimes!

Christmas was fun this year. I played Santa at Mama Monkey Butts house.  That was....stressful. I'm staying away from that task next year, someone else can do that shit.  I got it done though and rawking my awesome bandanna that I gots from Mama Monkey Butt. 

Awesome Christmas times with the family and Mama Monkey Butt was feeling pretty good if I'm not mistaken.  

Pokey lost her other front toof, awes!
Managed  to keep the holiday spirit.

So there ya have it. My year 2011.  It was an awesome year, mostly. We had a struggles with Mama Monkey Butt and her medical stuff. Moved around (again) a few times.  All in all though it was pretty much a normal year.  I'd like to think so anyways.
Looks like 2012 will be a bit different. I'm 30 now, guess it's time to "grow up" or something.
I look forward to sharing my 30s with you Dingleberries.  Thanks for hanging with me last year.  Let's hope I have a bit more to blog about this year.


  1. We have to get older, but we never HAVE to really grow up : )

    If I had the opportunity to live my life again, I do believe I'd take that same wrong turn until I out growed it. Yup, do all that stupid shit again!

    Good recap. Wow you've been keeping your posts up better than I have and you have a job, a daughter, Mr. Monkey Butt and combined families to keep up with.

    Great Job!

  2. I'd def do it all over again as well! I've no regrets in this lifetime of mine.

    I do try my best to keep up with it, even if it's working and saving working and saving and then coming back later!!! :))

    thanks for following tim :))

  3. I must agree with both of you.
    If I had not followed the oft times difficult path that I did, I would not be happy today!

  4. Welcome to the Monkey Butt GOldrush, hope you hang in here with us for 2012 :))


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