Monday, January 30, 2012

365 days of 2012 (playing catch up)

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Well Happy Monday and Good day dear DIngleberries.  I've been MIA all weekend and I missed you guys most of all!  I'd like to start by blaming my exercise gadget for my weekend get a way.  Spending an hour at a time on this thing after Pokey goes to bed takes the life right out of me.

That guy (the creator possibly?) looks like a damn retard with that stupid look on his face. I swear I can't make that face when I'm on that machine. I'm mostly staring at nothing with an eat shit and die why must I have to do this bullshit kinda look on my face.  Yea it's awesome I tell you. 

Again, I'm loving the ipod for this though. Before I'd suffer through 30 minutes only and just couldn't bare anymore of it. Now though it is really a good distraction at times!!!!

So now that I'm at work, and we all know it doesn't always get in the way of my blogging, I'm going to catch you all up on the glory I call my weekend this weekend and of course I will be back to my exercise tonight. GAWD!

Day 21 FRIDAY,
January 27th, 2012

Friday was as Friday always is. Refused to pass fast enough and I really had no idea what was on the agenda (other than see above).  We hadn't made any plans that I was aware of.  As of right now, I've no idea what we even really did on Friday, let me think...... yea... nothing. Well I'm sure it was fun, whatever it was. :)  Always nice to be off work, even when ya know you have to work the next day, which I might add sucks to think about. Work on a Saturday?  ::uncontrollable crying::

My post card for January on The great postcard campaign  came in the mail today. It really is awesome to get mail that isn't either A)JUNK or B) BILLS.  Which it only nice when you're thinking it's late or something because you haven't seen it and then it shows up and it isn't late. Yays!  Back to the point, let me do some tagging and  linking and the fun stuff I know you all LOVE!  So I signed up for "THE GREAT POSTCARD CAMPAIGN" a while back, which I will say is lovely. This is my second post card so far. This one sent from  "THE CAT AND THE COFFEE CUP"  Very awesome 'post card' we have here!  Was super excited to get it open and snapped a picture of it to share with all that same day.  It's too bad my slack arse didn't actually get to sharing that night.  So sowy, but thanks and shout out to the lovely cat and coffee cup, wondermus blogger, check it out and sign up for the post card campaign while you are at it!  Who doesn't like post cards from all over?  sheesh!  ;)  So there ya have info and links and all that jazz.  Check it out why don't you!
Day 22, Saturday
January 28th,

I managed to log into the facebook on the ipod while Pokey and I were out and about on Saturday, my facebook friends have seen Pokey and her new hair cut. I'm thrilled she loves her new hair so much but I'm sad that she looks so grown up with that hair cut.  She is such a sweetie wanted to look just like a Monkey Butt, but just won't listen when I tell her she is far cuter than me!  :)  More time spent on the exercise machine though we were able to hit up Goodwill tonight, you know I love some Goodwill shopping! Found this super awesome coat at goodwill. It's long and pink and I fucking love it !!!! LOVE IT!  Had a loverly dinner out with the famz and of course work sucked, buuuut it could have been worse and has been for that matter!

Day 23, Sunday
January 29th
I think I managed to get everything done today. Laundry buttoned up, went to the Walmart, damn I still hate that place. Something about pulling into the parking lot at Walmart sends Pokey into either a FIT mode or WHINES A LOT mode.  Must be the fumes radiating from that place or something.  I'm hoping she hates it as much as I do when she gets older. Got some new nail polish though, woooo hoooo!  Did the Krogering while out and spent too much money.  Attempted the whole coupon cutting this time around, pretty much a NIGHTMARE and honestly considerings I purchase mostly the Kroger brand stuffs, it didn't really save me any money.  Good for those few things I just cant skimp on though!  So whatever!  Plus was able to get a couple other things I wouldn't normally buy.  Boooyah!  That wasn't really called for. 

The weekend went quickly, nothing new there, probably because I had to work on Saturday. I'm not so proud to say that I slacked off and didn't touch the exercise gadget on Sunday.  Ooops.  I did manage to paint my nails and get the house clean, again, as well as wrap up any other chores I'd forgotten not got to yet!

Day 24, Monday
January 30th,
OH yay happy effn Monday. I must say it didn't start out too shitty.  I didn't get up when I was posta and jump in the shower, I stayed in bed, ooops. Managed to get the shower though. That was a must, no way around it!  Took the Max out and got the Pokey up for the ego waffles. She loves those things, for a month I'm sure.  She's like that. She will go through these phases. Pop Tarts for a week then she is done with them, cereal, oatmeal. Now we're on the ego waffles, lets see how long it last. She is also into taking her lunch again.  We did it a good bit last year and I must say it saves me a bit of money. I'm usually sending them like 25 bucks  a week for her lunches, which is  a total rip, the food is for shit and well that is like 5 bucks a day!  Good lawd I don't even cost that much!  :)  She enjoys taking her lunch,, so I'm not going to say NO to an extra 25 bucks a week or so!
So, it's Monday and though there has been moments where I wanted to snap a neck bone or two of some 'innocent' person standing near me, I haven't done any neck breaking.  It's tempting though!  Very tempting. Monday's after an auction or at the end of the month are always a stressful day for me. I've a few other ideas I need to pound out for you all and I need to draft them up before I lose them forever! 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and that you aren't buried under any snow, we aren't freezing down here as of right now and the news/weather lady isn't telling us of any terrible weather to come, so lets hope Mr Groundhog has some good news.  Have you ever noticed though, when they say it's going to be an early spring, it's still 6 more weeks of winter.  They're really stupid I think, but I'm HOPING they run the marathon of "Groundhog Day" because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie! 

Goodday Dingleberries, cya later, I hope!


  1. Glad you like your 'postcard' :-)
    Not a fan of walmart meself, but don't have much of a choice for grocery shopping 'round these parts.
    By the way, love your hat!

  2. Hahaha tht exercise machine photo cracked me up! It looks like his head is Photoshopped on from another picture!

  3. Oh wow, groundhog day is this Friday : ) Hope he gives us the good word!

    I swore when the first Walmart came here I wouldn't go there because they force small businesses to close. In reality I have to shop there because of the prices. I don't buy my fresh meats there though.

    I need excerise but that contraption would kill me with the shape I'm in right now. Happy Daz~!

  4. Wow! When I was in school, lunches were like 28 cents a day. Come to think of it, so were a pack of cigarettes. I guess that is about equal inflation and I am damn old...LOL!

  5. @Coffee Cup, can I just call you Coffee Cup? :)) Thanks for the post card and yes, I looooove my hat!!! :)

    @Holly, I remember seeing that guy on the infomercials when that thing came out. Funny stuff and yes he does look like his head is photo shopped on. It might be! lolz

    @Tim, I've never said I wouldn't shop there. I did say when they put in the new bypass up in my hometown that I wouldn't drive on it, I would always go through town for the same reason, but when we moved back up there after years of the city I was usually caught going down the bypass. ::shakes my head::

    @GoldRush, I remebmr when we were in high school lunch was like a buck twenty five or something. SMokes were like 3 something. I'd save my lunch money through the week and spend it on smokes. Now I've stopped smoking and eat too much. Cruel world I live in!


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