Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday's Monkey 'butt'

Happy New Year again Dingeberries.  I think that is officially getting old.  So here we are, another Thursday, another monkey butt.  Well for those dedicated followers  Dingleberries of mine, thank you for hanging in there! ( I just made a funny)  Some of you may remember, I've touched on sock monkeys in a previous Thursday (actually looks like two previous posts, both Thursdays, here and here ), but this one has more to it other than random sock monkey antics. Which actually sounds like an effin awesome idea.  :)  Anyone remember those gnome commercials, where the gnome would go on vacation and send home pictures of him in random places?  Hmmm, ::light bulb::  Who has a sock monkey?  Come on Dingleberries, some of you have to have one around there somewhere?  Let me know!

So again, I'm stealing borrowing with permission from a fellow bloggers page. I've blogged him before, here he is again, JIMSMASH!!! thanks to his blogging I've found more monkeys for your viewing pleasure and he always  has something neat to blog about, go ahead, check him out, you know you want to!  :)  So without more babble from the Butt, here ya go!

Let me explain....  This guy (yea click that) submitted this monkey from Cabin Boy, the movie as his #1 pick and he was the first person to comment on JIMSMASH and his post. 
Sadly, I must admit I have not seen Cabin Boy, I do like the main actor though and perhaps I just haven't invested the time to actually sit and watch it, mind you I have heard of it and have heard good things I believe from more than one source.  So, that being said, when I'm done blogging this I'm off to add that to my New Year Resolution this year!   No spoilers please, but who has seen it and may I asked what you thought about it?
Hope you enjoyed it this week and don't forget, search and search, who's got sock monkeys?!!!!

photo taken here


  1. I think that's the movie with Chris Elliott. I haven't seen it either but know Chris is a nut and like most of his querky humor : )

  2. Yay! Thanks for the nod!

    MONKEYS!!!!! :)

  3. Ha - that's "Cabin Boy". Not the best movie in the world, but pretty quirky.


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