Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
Happy Tuesday Dingleberries. Anyone have time to jam to this weeks Music?  Hope you all enjoyed it, if only a little bit. Something different for those who aren't regulars.

-This morning I let myself get a little butt hurt when someone made some offensive remarks here in the office. I just want to reach out and smack the shit out of people who say hateful things. I know I'm guilty myself at times, but I also know that if you've nothing nice to say to just not say anything.  I think perhaps the OLDS of the world today forget this shit.  Or perhaps no one ever taught them any manners.  It's not okay to make racist remarks and say offensive shit. I'm sure I'm guilty from time to time, it just bothered me today. Asshats! 

-Mama Monkey Butt says I need to find a new job because this one makes me bitch all the. I think she may be right!

-Remind me to air up the tires on my bike and carry it in to work with me tomorrow.  Okay?

-Well there is my random for today. I've other thangs to do right now, but wanted to atleast share some of my thoughts. 

Hope your Tuesday is good Dingleberries.  Till next time, hang in there! 


  1. Unfortunately, there will always be somebody hating. It couldn't have been any worse at my previous employer. I work better with young open minded people.

    That's the majority of the people I'm hoping to work with at the brew house restaurant.

    If the make up of this new restaurant is anything like their other 4 restaurants, I'll be working with a lot better staff.

  2. Hope your day improves. I find that young people are just as bad, if not worse, than old people. They just claim that they're joking or that because they have friends of other races, genders, sexual orientations,religions etc., they can't be bigots. I call em wherever I sees em!

  3. I try and follow the "Golden Rule".
    And if I fail, I would hope that someone would tell me...

  4. Thanks everyone, I hope the enviroment is better where you are going Tim. Lola and Goldrush I try to be nice all the time, without putting out judgment of saying bad things. I try to at least keep it to myself... Or away from others whom it could offend or hurt. Ya know?


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