Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 16, 2012

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Happy Sunday. It's pretty much one of my least favorite days of the week.  Sunday and Wednesday, I can say I hate those 2 most of all!

Sunday, because I just know I have to go back to work tomorrow. Sure it's a few days closer to having more money on pay day!  lolz.  But I don't know. Run through the motions till another weekend and a few more days off, though this coming weekend I will have to work on Saturday. Dang that's going to suck, always does. But they have to sell those junk cars and I have to make sure the paperwork is all together and things are going smoothly!  Shall see, it's always an adventure because there are a lot of asshats who after so many trips to the sale they would learn the role and all, but they don't.  Arg!

Wednesday, I think it just sucks because it's the middle of the week and by then I've been up late blogging and playing on facebook and of course spent 3 days at work and all. I think I'm just tired and in need of a little extra sleep (which I don't typically get). 

Anyways, Sunday (today) was full of....driving.  Arg!  We had to pick up Pokey at church, she stayed the night with Mama and Papa Monkey Butt and their new thing is church, which is awesome. They seem to like it and Pokey said she had fun as well.  So it worked out! We drove about an hour from there and then an hour back for late lunch with MR. Monkey Butts Mom and Dad.  It's her birfday tomorrow and we had an awesome lunch at Chilis.  It was fun. 

Came home and then had to get the list together for Krogering.  Get the shopping done and then run home and finish the day.  Max got his Sunday bath. Got some more laundry done and rooms cleaned and tidy.  Wow, I spend my weekends cleaning and running around. It looks like its the same every weekend. I guess it's because I spend all my time at work all week. No time to get it done then.  Just the way it goes.

I've some other posting to do tonight, though you all will prolly see it show up tomorrow. If you even have the time to check these post. I hope you all had a wondermus weekend and spent more time at home, on the couch.  That's what I would rather do sometimes.  Mama Monkey Butt told me tonight that her sister is renting a condo on the beach in February.  Ahhh how I'd love to do that.  :)

Goodnight Dingleberries, keep hanging in there! ;)


  1. I have posted your painting to you today. Will probably take a couple of weeks and I hope you like it

  2. This is another butt ugly day here. At least the temp is up to 51 degrees so far.

  3. Mynx- Im so excited for the painting, can't wait to get it on my wall!

    Tim- it's ugly here as well, not sure what the temp is though. It's cold me though!!


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