Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt

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Gleek, a blue space monkey from the Super Friends, Wonder Twins.  I've never actually seen an episode of Wonder Twins nor have I picked up a super friends episode or comic book. Though I'm sure some of you have.  So this weeks Monkey Butt owes credit to JIMSMASH!!! again for this wonderful Monkey post and allowing me to steal borrow monkey ideas. I've no idea what I might do if I use all of these.  No fear, we've plenty to keep my busy.   So allow me to shout out for a minute and then we can get on with Gleek the blue space Monkey.  Check here for the original post, if you're interested and well the blogger who mentioned gleek isn't linkable, wtf..... So JIMSMASH!!  let your fellow blogger, maker know that he was credited here for his awesome list!!!!  :)

As I was saying.... Gleek is a blue space Monkey from the Super Friends, Wonder Twins. He was a pet to the Super Twins, ZAN and Jayna.  He gets into his share of mischief and is used as a comic relief, leave it to television to make a joke of a poor monkey!  ;) Sounds to me like he deserves his time in the light here on Monkey Butt.
This is an old series from the 70's but has seen the light of day years to follow.  With that I leave you, I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Monkey Butt and we look forward to seeing you next week, till then
hang in there Dingleberries.
Gleek looks effn scary in this pic!
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  1. I grew up watching Challenge of the Super Friends on ABC, I think it was, in the 70s. The Wonder Twins came in toward the end of that show's heyday. If you're keen, then you could surely find some snippets of goodness from the show on good ole Youtube!

  2. Gleek's ass is on FIRE!!!!!! No wonder he looks like he's in serious pain.

  3. Ah geesh in the '70's I was a DeadHead and it's hard to remember the '70's in detail anyway : )

    Well, I'm still a DeadHead I just don't kill off brain cells in mass any longer :P

    Hail Gleek the space monkey!


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