Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 11, 2012

Monday, January 16th, 2012

My buddy Tito totally called me "four eyes" when I shared this on facebook.  WTF Tito?  He's lucky I can say I like his arse or I'd kick it from here to Mexico or something. 

Oh wells. Happy Monday and it's MLK Jr. day. How lovely, I guess. I'm not sure what anyone was up to today, me...Not much, working. 

Pokey had no school and enjoyed her day at the daycare.  Lovely right? I attempted to have an OK day at work today. It worked out pretty well and was able to keep certain asshats away from me!  Yessssss! 

Posted an update earlier for Mama Monkey Butt's breast cancer, thanks for those who read and commented.  I love you guys for your kind words and well wishing.   SO with this I leave you, hope this week is just awesome for all you Dingleberries, if it isn't hang in there.   And remember, it can always be worse!

Check out how flippn awesome this lil statue is that we found at goodwill over the weekend!!!!! Why would anyone get rid of this thing????.  And FYI it looks like it has a hook for wings or something on the back!!! I'm thinking about constructing some and attaching them.  Awesome right!!!


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