Monday, January 16, 2012

Chemo Updates....

Well hello Dingleberries. Here I am recovering from a serious case of slack ass monkey butt.  Very serious illness if I do say so myself.

Updates on Mama Monkey Butt though..

Last week, I didn't blog this one, she went down for chemo.  Well all the excitement from hearing her breast had shrank down in size, the Dr was concerned that it had came back up in size.  The Dr requested another CT scan so they did not do any treatments last week. They ran a new CT scan and spoke of changing the medicines and all if there wasn't any changes.

So this morning, Mama Monkey Butt is down again for chemo. They are actually doing the chemo today. They did change the medicines for the chemo and said that some of the cancer has shrank and some of it has not or has grown. She didn't specify and of course this is all done in text message. I will call her tonight and perhaps can have something more witty to say regarding this matter another time.

Again I feel like such a piece of Monkey poo because I haven't been calling like I should, I haven't been visiting like I should.  The price of gas is going back up and I'm trying to save money and stressing myself over shit in my own life. I'm just selfish pile of Monkey poo thrown against a wall right now. 

But Dingleberries, don't give up on me. I tend to pull through things, eventually. Keep praying for Mama Monkey Butt in her cancer treatment and keep us in your thoughts.  Till next time. 


  1. Thinking of you and your family. Hope Mama Monkey Butt stays strong mentally, physically and spirtually.

  2. Thoughts and prayers continue for your Mom Doria. I've never asked my neighbor what kind of cancer she has, we've talked at the fence a lot but I didn't want to be nosey, and she's up and still moving around, driving etc, and we just got done talking about our darn spoiled dogs so she's still upbeat!

    Don't beat yourself up! Stay with that positive focus and good karma. Peace

  3. Thank you both. That means a lot. Tim I think you should talk to her about it, if ya wanna. I would...

  4. Hey my Baby, Yep I went back for 3rd round of chemo today, a different drug, was a larger bag of medicine, took and will take 3 hours each dose to do, but if it works, that will be absoblutely fine. Tonight, within how many hours, it's already smaller, Pray, I am. I Pray it continues to work, I feel Great, no sickness, they made me drunk there, they injected liquid benedryl, my eyeballs wiggled, I finally passed out, I told them they made me drunk, I told them I hadnt dranked in 15 years, where was my cheap little wine bottle, I was drunk, The Doctor said the breast mass had grown, that was all he was concerned with, sorry I did'nt get to that earlier, I might have been intoxicated, thanks to medical teams, he said the place in my lung is so small, not to even worry about that, so that was good to hear, I hope he was speaking positive, but the breast has decreased tonight, lets Pray it does'nt do like the other drug, attack it too quickly and learn the system, then sort of (i think) build an immunity to the drug, Let's Pray, This one WINS, Me and Us and This Medicine. I've got My BIG Pink Boxing Gloves on Beautiful, and Thank You Doria, For Being Such a Wonderful, Loving, Caring Daughter for Me, Your Mother, Eternally with True True Love

  5. I talk to her quite a bit Doria, it's just one of those things that I would rather her tell me if she cares to, some people just would rather keep some things private.

    I do make sure to always assure her that if she needs, or her sister or mom needs, I'm here to do anything they need within my power.


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