Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Music for a Tuesday

I remember being a kid in high school and having the biggest crush on Whitey Ford.  He was the only other man on my bedroom walls.  All the other vacant spaces taken by the late, great, Kurt Cobain from Nirvana. 
I miss my posters at times. 
They never graced a wall again after being taken down from the long lost purple walls of my parents home. 
They did fit well on those walls though.
I find myself having flash back moments when I walk into Pokeys room, because she has covered her walls in posters as well, it's Justin Bieber. 
I'm actually happy to say that she has outgrown Justin Bieber (thank gawd). Though I didn't mind her having a little super star crush, I just wished the music was a little better. I finally cracked and loved it along with her, but when he released that Christmas CD, I just gave up then.
Anyways, back to this.... So I've noticed this is a Johnny Cash cover. I think I've a crush on Johnny Cash ( subconsciously of course) Enjoy this weeks song Dingleberries.  Happy Tuesday!


  1. Great pick, Johnny Cash is a legend!

    Really I can't stand Bieber but at least he's more of a positive role model for young people.

    I remember some of nieces heart throbs, Bay City Rollers among many others.

    I really didn't care for Nirvana until I saw them on MTV unpluged using acoustic guitars. It still hurts to think of Kurt Cobain and where he could have taken himself.

    It's just hard to believe in a world where you have all the money you need, and you still can't get the help you need.

  2. Thanks Tim. yea Bieber isn't a bad role model, not yet anyway. He really inspired me a little with his drive and determination to get himself where he is. Usher is a good guy too, so maybe he will keep his head in the right place and stay away from all the bad musicans find themselves in. It was very sad with Kurt killed himself. it's hard to imagine what in the world could drive a man to do something stupid like that, too proud or too busy to get himself some help. I will always love some Nirvana and Kurt Cobain but it's still sad! His acoustic album was AWESOME. One of my favorites. I love it all though really!

  3. Since my daughter was born in 1987, it is my duty to tell you that I acquired a liking for some of the boy bands around the turn of the century...

  4. My son has turned me into a Simple Plan fan. Love love their music.
    Sadly I am yet to convert him to Michael Buble' although he does remain tolerant of his mother's playlist

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