Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011, Farewell. (part 2)

I won't babble to much here in this one, at the beginning anyway.  You all know what I'm doing, by now, I guess, if not you can find  part 1 of this episode here.  It's the first quarter anyways of my 2011.  I'm linking it there wondering what if anything I will do for the next post.  Should I link part 1 and park 2? Probably so being as they're prolly going to be about a week apart, just to avoid overwhelming myself  you!

April, 2011

 Doesn't look like there was much else to take pictures of in the month of April, imagine that.  If I'm not mistaken though I moved out at the end of April and moved to the 'rents house.  That being after my breakup and Pokey and I packing everything into a Uhaul and storage building.  Strange times, but those are past us now.  For that I am glad. Easter was fun (always is) the kids just love coloring the eggs and waiting for me to finish hiding them so they can go on the hunt.  Always a blast, a tradition for us, though it holds no religious value at all in our (my) life.  It's just something fun to do!

May, 2011

I'm hoping the girls don't hate me for posting this one.  For the last couple of years my dear friend Teeray hosts a Maypole party in May. It's always a blast, some of us might drink a few drinks and run around the may pole in an awesome style fashion.  Yea that is what happened this year and if I remember correctly I may have been one of those who drank a little too much. But it didn't matter, because it was fucking EPIC.  It was yet another glorious event with my lovely friends.  This pic here is just of the ladies in attendance of the Maypole party, of course their man friends or hubbys were around there somewhere!  It was also the first real outing for the white dress I'm wearing!  About time I wore it out and hey, I shocked myself by not ruining it that night either.  AWESOME!

Terrible hair times for me, not only is it blond but it so desperately needs a trim.

We all got together this day, and managed to end up on the trampoline.  Got some awesome photos out of it though and the girls had a blast!  There were a lot of females on that trampoline and the baby just LOVED it! 

A much needed day out, well another one. Met one of my lady friends downtown for a seeing of Kite to the Moon (I think that's the name of it)  Pretty good band, he tossed out stuffed animals for some reason I am not sure.  There was some name to the event going on downtown but for the life  of me I can't recall what it was actually called.   Oh that sign says Athens Human Rights Festival, that's what it was called!  Whatever it was, it was an awesome time with friends! 

June, 2011

My niece celebrated her 7th birthday day.  Pokey (the one on the right) kinda looks pissed off. I'm not sure what that's all about.  My niece tends to spend the summers at Moma Monkey Butts house so looks like we went up there for the party. Awe and I'm sure it was so much fun. I love summer time!

Pokey and Monkey Butt go bowling.  Girl whooped my arse at bowling.  her and I were the only two people (aside from the employees) at the bowling place.  Jefferson, (where Moma Monkey Butt lives) is a small town with jack shit to do and well what little they do have isn't anything to write home about. But whatever, we enjoy our time when we can take it.

We need to take more of it!

So there we have it, coming into the summer months and nothing so far of any excitement.  Life is always exciting, but I remember 2010 I (we) did a lot of shit. Not so much in 2011 I guess.  I'm not sure that I'm complaining about that though.
We will see where the rest of the months lead us, stay tuned for more, next week!  Till then, enjoy all the other shit I'm posting this month,  damn busy month!  :))


  1. Love that May Pole party deal. I can just see a bunch of my liquored up girlfriends bustin' their asses trying to dance around a pole. Hhhhhhmmmmm maybe pole dancing lessons are in order. Thanks for the idea!!!!!


  2. Deb- The maypole party is always a blast, luckily its just skipping, hopping and running at times. def room for some collisions thought, bumps and bruises. ALways a blast!

    Tim- I do manage to keep myself busy don't I!

    Thanks Goldrush, I had my moments of hating and loving the blond hair. It gave me a reason to act like a retard at times and blame the bleach, lmao!!

    Thanks for reading folks!


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