Monday, January 23, 2012

Awesome Goodwill Finds :)

Look at all these neat finds. I've already placed the place mats, as you can tell, but ya know, I think they're actually pillow cases.  Oh well.  The other 2 on the bottom right, Im just not sure and it isn't that great of a photo :)


  1. thanks both of you. I can't pick my favorites. Mr Monkey Butt claims the chinese looking cups and the face/hang thing. I love those place mats though! :) the green pot is just tooo groovy. I love it! :))

  2. yeah i'm diggin' the chinamen looking thingys...& the green pot :) I get dibs first if you ever get rid of the green pot! :) haha love ya sis!

  3. That green pot would have matched the wallpaper in the kitchen of my first house. It was the first thing to go when the wife #2 moved in.


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