Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Music for a Tuesday

It's a strange week for me I guess. You regulars know I typically don't share such harsh music.  Well leave it to Korn, old Korn anyway to bang your head and make it hurt.  As the old saying goes, "If the music is too loud you're too old".... Or something like that anyways.

Older Korn was so awesome, they've gone all dub step today because they've lost some members and are just a few members short I guess. I assume no one can really hold up to Jonathan Davis' standard or something.  Not quite sure. I do enjoy the new Korn but back when they were new and fresh he had that nice strong voice that could just blow you away. He got older, stained himself and just changed it up.  Not as good as when he started, but still Jonathan Davis, always one of my favorites.

I was lucky enough to see him perform at Family Values many years ago. It was always a goal of mine to at least see them perform once before they went entirely something else.  So Dingleberries, check it out and see if  you can like it. The style is a little different with their new stuff, but Jonathan still gives me a tingle when he sangs! 

Luckily this post gives me an idea for this weeks Monkey butt, stay tuned for other stuffs this week, have an awesome time.  ENjoy!


  1. I must be getting old LoL Anymore the only music I listen to is listening on your blog, goldrush's blog and my blog. When I'm posting it gets to more like a chore than just listening to relax or get pumped up.

  2. Awe well tim maybe when you are back in the world,driving to and from work you can listen to a little more music. I don't listen at home, but in the car, work, and of course blogging. Its good stuff! :) And old Korn makes me feel old sometimes too!

  3. Oh yes, music is a must on the road!


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