Thursday, August 25, 2011

I cried a little inside

::For starters, let me say I LERVE this picture, it's beautiful::

So today is the first day I've been treated like crap from one of my guy friends.  You've seen me blog about this one (guy friend) before I lerve him to death. I've considered him a best friend of mine  for a long time now.  Most recently we've chatted a lot and hung out a few times.  Looks as though those days are coming to an end and it makes me sad!

I don't know where he's going with that if he's just having another off day.  Only time will tell and it is what it is!

Fingers crossed for  this day to get better!

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  1. :'( I hope the situation isn't as bad as it seems and I hope that you two worked things out... *hugs*


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